Thursday, July 7, 2011

You are getting very sleeeeepy

I’ve had a whirlwind of a week. My body is letting me know that sleep is a top priority tonight. I intend to fully indulge… well, at least until 5 am tomorrow morning. The indulging part involves going to sleep around 8:30. Ah, seriously, one of my most favoritest things to do.

On Tuesday I was really productive during the morning and then I headed out to the gym for a bit before teaching 2 dance classes.

After teaching I headed over to The Fresh Market that is right behind the dance studio. The Fresh Market is kind of our lame version of Whole Foods. I guess you would call it a gourmet grocery store. They do have a lot of healthy choices but not necessarily in the same way that Whole Foods does. I don’t really know how to explain that… one thing I really like about Whole Foods is their hot bar. I don’t think that’s what it’s called but hopefully you know what I mean by that…

There are so many delicious, healthy, vegan and vegetarian dishes. Fresh Market has a deli counter… maybe that’s what it’s called… but they only offer your usual fare, just fancied up a bit. A lot of potato salad, pasta salad, fried chicken, etc… basically nothing I can have.

I was stopping by to pick up something to carry me over until dinnertime. I ended up with a Naked… Gold Machine rings a bell. I also got a banana and then I found…

This wonderful thing.

This is only my second time trying Kombucha but I really enjoy it. I’ve looked online before and to brew my own Kombucha tea all I need is a starter… which is all of $5 or so online. Obviously this would be the smart money saving way to go. Now that I’m typing this I’m realizing that I really should do that. Buying the bottled Kombucha is really a waste of my time and money. However, there’s a good chance I will be back.

I somehow got roped into participating in a drama for church. This particular drama is about 10 minutes long. It was performed on Easter and the team was asked to do it again last night (Wednesday). So… I had a practice last Wednesday and then on Tuesday we had another practice and then we performed it last night.

On Tuesday night I learned a whole dance (well, okay, it wasn’t a very long dance) and then I ended up being a part of a double cartwheel too that I had to learn.

Even though it was really crazy that I learned the whole thing so fast I ended up having a really great time and I’m glad I was asked to participate.

Yesterday I woke up early and packed up for the day. Right before I walked out of the door I got a text from Rachel letting me know that she couldn’t do stadiums. Since I was already dressed I forced myself to go. Of course my natural reaction is “oh, I’ll just stay at home. I have a crazy day, I should just relax before the chaos starts” but I sucked it up and did stadiums by myself. Yeah, I’m a beast.

I’ve described this workout before but if you missed it…
I run up and down the stadium steps 7 times – each set of steps has 180 steps
Then I run up the bleachers 3 times
Then I jog out to the car
It’s killer!

I drove home, showered and headed right out again

I had a great day with C. He was the fussiest baby when he was younger but now that he’s able to sit up on his own and is starting to scoot around he doesn’t mind not being held.

He especially enjoyed my necklace

Oh, and my banana case… (basically everything that was not actually a toy)

After babysitting I had to stop in at several stores. I stopped at Target to return some bathingsuit tops that I bought that ended up being too long… and in the meantime bought myself more workout gear – this is a serious addiction and I may have to find myself some help soon ;)

I was going for the “I run at dawn and dusk” look

I tried them on together to show my mom when I got home and she was like “oooh, sooo cute!” – I’m not so sure I’m going to continue taking fashion advise from this woman. She always tells me things look good when I wasn’t intending them to look good: like when I throw up my hair so it’s out of my eyes when I wash my face. For the record, unless I was very worried about being seen I would never wear these blindingly neon clothes together. One at a time only!

I also stopped in at Walmart and Michael’s to pick up last minute items for the performance last night. When I got home I relaxed for a few minutes, choreographed a solo for the performance and then headed out again. We had a last minute rehearsal and then the performance. It all went really well… well, except for the part where I stumbled when I was supposed to be dancing but I don’t even care. For the short time we had putting it together I was pleased.

This morning I soooo did not want to run. I told myself to not think about it and just do it and that’s what I did – I got out by 6! I didn’t go fast by any means but you know what, I didn’t take any breaks either. I can’t wait to get back to where I was pre injury, but for now, I’m happy.

But so tired! I think this was supposed to be a “phew” face

And the dangggg it’s hot out there face!

I got to babysit this cutie for the first time. I’ve watched her brother before but I haven’t been over there in a long time – since before she was born! S is such a little sweetie. She just giggles and laughs at you.

After watching S I hit the gym and then headed over to play with C and W. These boys are so much fun. W is scooting himself all over the floor and he is so pleased with himself. I’m not so pleased, you have to watch him soooo closely now.

All in all... a good day :)

I hear my bed calling my name...

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