Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back to the grind

If you didn’t catch my post yesterday (I know you didn’t cause it has 0 views) go check it out now!
If your workout playlist feels old and you’re looking for new music then I think you’ll be interested.

(I later found out that no one saw it because I didn't actually hit the publish button - oops!)

I had a great weekend. I feel recharged and ready to get back out there today and get some things accomplished. …Which is good since today is going to be CA-RAZY!
Up first: 6 mile run and 2 mile walk with Mom followed by normal post run stuff – shower (always a good idea), breakfast, stretching, foam rolling

I made a Green Monster for the first time in... well, a long time.   

I opened up the fridge and found....


Oh wait a minute...

The culprit:  Flax seeds!

Yummy!  So refreshing... now if only I didn't look half dead

I used spring mix today (red and green leaves) and didn't peel my apple.  Thus, the puke green color.  But it tasted just as good as always!

Ingredients:  orange vitamin water zero, almond milk, lemon juice, ground flax seed, amazing grass greens powder, protein powder, maca powder, a few handfuls of spring mix greens, frozen pineapple, mango, peaches and an apple.

In a short while I'm going to head out to babysit for a few hours then head straight to teach from 4:30-6:15.

After teaching I plan to hopefully grab a quick bite to eat and then I'm off to drama practice from 7:00 - ??? 

Hopefully earlier than 11:30 like last time.  My body cannot handle that.  When I get home I'll probably flop into bed like a zombie... wait, do zombies sleep?

Part of me wants to lay in the sun all day napping like Smokey

But then I remember that I did that all weekend and it's time to get a move on.  Good start to the day, hopefully the rest will follow suit.  Happy Tuesday!! :)

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