Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am lame

Yesterday I watched 4 kids while their dad took an online class for his job.  I had a great time making sure they stayed downstairs, off of the computer, off netflix and stayed quiet.  They were actually surprisingly very well behaved.  On normal days I try not to let them play on the computer or watch TV all day, I actually prefer them to do something active but sometimes it's like pulling teeth.  Yesterday they were really creative though, all by themselves.

I wish I had taken a picture of this.  One of the boys is super creative and artsy and he drew a combo of star wars and cars, aptly named... car wars.

J made a massive lego tower and insisted I take a picture of it

It was so tall I couldn't even get it in one shot from inside the room

He was so proud of his tower that he asked his mom all day if I had emailed her the photos yet

Yesterday evening I got to hang out with R for awhile.  We played outside until he was completely exhausted and then watched Dora for a few minutes.

Like I said, completely exhausted ;)

Can you tell I'm enjoying Dora too?

Today I have to leave the house by 10:30 and there's only a 10% chance of rain all morning. I bet you think that means I jumped right on it and went for a run, right?

I usually take my self timer self portrait amazingness after a run.  I took them before the run today.  Hmm... I wonder if that has anything to do with me wimping out on my run...

I foam rolled, I stretched, I applied glide, I got my watch ready, I added songs to my ipod, put my ipod in a plastic bag in case it rained, put sport beans in my pocket, pulled out the key, opened the door... decided I didn't want to run

I even did my hair!

I took about 5 photos just like this.  Proof that I actually don't look fully awake until around 10 =/

I feel super lame.  I don't know what is going on but I just don't feel like running.  My shin is feeling a lot better today, I think maybe this helped:

I'm going to try to convince myself throughout the day that I actually DO want to run.  I always feel good once I get out there... okay, usually.

If it's not raining and I've prepared myself mentally enough to make myself believe I do want to run then maybe I'll get some kind of run in tonight.  I have to finish out March strong!

I'm off to babysit some more today... and convince myself I want to run ;) or even do anything active.  I may be able to easily convince myself that I really want to lay in bed all day but I know from experience that laying in bed all day does not a happy Sharon make.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rainy week day 2 :(

It rained all day yesterday and after checking the weather I was very disappointed to find out it would probably be raining for the majority of the week... so much for having a whole week to focus on running.

To say I'm bummed would be quite the understatement.

I am going to be bored out of my mind!

It looks like today will just be drizzly.  Thankfully I already got stadiums in.  Sadly, without Rachel. 

The face I make because I look dumb when I smile with my retainer in... obviously this is much better

The worst mornings are the mornings when I'm already half way to her apartment to pick her up and realize she's not going to pick up the phone no matter how many times I call her.  Sometimes I turn around and head home but that's a huge waste of 20-30 minutes.  On my best days I suck it up and run stadiums alone.  Since I did NOTHING yesterday I was able to convince myself that I should just go and get it done.  I'm glad I did.  I never regret exercising, it always feels good to get it done.

My shin has been sore in a really strange way.  The last time I ran was Friday and I can't figure out why it's still tight since all I've been doing since then is sitting around.  I'm not even sure if it's my shin that's bothering me - it's like the side of my calf. 

It feels like I've had several intense charlie horses, it just won't relax.  I've been foam rolling and icing so hopefully it'll clear up soon.  If those compression sleeves weren't so dang expensive I would have bought a pair already and would be wearing them like they were in style I'm sure.

I'm looking forward to a day of forced activity - the best part about kids.  They wouldn't sit still if you paid them to.  Hopefully we won't all go stir crazy inside all day.  Rain I hate you. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

I am a loser

No, really

I never win any giveaways.  SOMEDAY I know that it will happen.  If I was to never win anything again that would be okay with me if I could win this one.  Check it out!!!

I love skinny runner and I love her even more because she has crazy amazing giveaways.

The Biggest Giveaway in the History of the World

Adventures in Tampa

I spent this past weekend in Tampa and I had an absolutely wonderful time

I decided kind of last minute on Wednesday that I wanted to go.  A really good friend of mine was going to be the speaker for my sorority's retreat and I thought I couldn't pass up this chance to hang out with her.

I'm so glad that I went.  Nothing quite compares to spending time with old friends who you don't get the chance to see very often.

This is me and my wonderful friend, Angel :)

On Friday we left Gainesville around 2:30 and arrived in Tampa approximately 2 hours later.  We checked into the hotel and the excitement started immediately.  As we were stepping onto the elevator to go upstairs to our room a familiar face stepped out of the elevator. 

I've never seen a celebrity before up close and personal and I was completely unprepared.  Angel is usually very talkative and not shy at all but she was totally unprepared as well.  We acted like total idiots.  First we looked at eachother and then we turned around and stared at him as he walked toward the coffee.  Then we both started giggling uncontrollably.  You would never know we're both graduated college 20 somethings with real jobs... well, Angel has a real job anyways.  She's a newspaper reporter and interviews people all the time - you'd think she would have been a little bit more "normal" ;).

Angel's sister Autumn saved the day for us.  Autumn is usually shy and quiet but she amazingly walked right up to him and asked him politely if he was an actor.  She then introduced herself to him and they talked for a few minutes.  Larry Miller was in Tampa for a few comedy shows.  He was very down to earth and even said hi to Angel and I who were still being super awkward.

We were staying in a fairly nice hotel but honestly I have no idea why Larry Miller was staying at a Best Western.  It was pretty cool that he was though.

After our awkward encounter I thought about what I might say to him if I happened to see him again.  I'm glad I spent some time figuring everything out because sure enough I saw him again by the coffee Saturday night.  I asked him how it had gone at the comedy club the previous night and he replied "They laughed in my face, can you believe it?" I said something along the lines of how horrible that was and then we discussed how long eachother were staying at the hotel and I wished him a nice stay.  Larry Miller and I are basically best friends now ;).

The second most amazing thing that happened while I was in Tampa:

I am a total nerd but here's the thing, Gainesville is lame and does not have a Whole Foods.  I spotted it from the highway on Friday night and decided that I would have to make a stop there at some point.

Angel, Autumn and I went to Whole Foods on Saturday and I was in heaven.  Oh my gosh, Gainesville, why do you suck? 

I spent way more than I'd like to admit.

The bathroom at whole foods: even their bathroom is super cool and trendy.  There wasn't really a sink, it was just a slab of rock that drained in the back. 

All of my purchases:  In my defense, I was trying to buy stuff that I could eat over the weekend since there weren't really any good food choices offered at the retreat.  Pizza?  Um, no thank you.

Starting in the top left to top right: Millet & yam...thing, quinoa cake, millet and flax crackers, maca powder, sweet cacao nibs, cacao powder

Bottom row, left to right: Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter, carob fudgy brownie, Justin's chocolate almond butter, sundried tomato flax seed crackers, cucumber and avocado multi-grain sushi roll and some organic pure maple syrup

Ingredients: Organic dates, organic almond butter, organic dried coconut, organic walnuts, organic almonds, organic raw carob powder, organic raisins

I also got this from the deli.  Everything was SOOO good.  On the top left is cabbage and silvered almonds.  I don't remember what all was in it other than that.  Flax seeds maybe?  I don't know, they were black looking but they don't look like chia seeds at all to me.  Then there was cranberry cous-cous - oh my gosh, soooooo good.  Beside the cous cous is lentil tabouli salad which was decent.  On the bottom is a big pile of hummus which was delicious.

Here is a shot of the quinoa, yam, millet ball... things.  I forget which is which and which has what in it but they were both so delicious.  I think I'm going to attempt to recreate something similar to them today for lunch.

We took our traditional photos on Saturday night out by the ocean.  It was so gorgeous this time of night
This is me and Rachel (my sister).

Angel, my good friend Kaitlin and me

All of my favorite people from Theta Alpha: Alicia, Angel, Kaitlin, me and my little, Kelly

I have a half spring break this week.  The dance studio is on spring break so no teaching for me.  I'm looking forward to a relaxing but productive week.  Sadly, it looks like it's going to be rainy almost all week.  I was hoping to get ahead on running.  I guess we'll see what happens and if I suck it up and run in the rain anyways or if I just end up being lazy all day. 

Did you do anything fun this weekend?  Have you ever been to Whole Foods?  If so, what's your favorite item to buy at Whole Foods?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekend Plans and Week Summary

I realize I have been completely MIA this week.  On top of a crazy busy week the keyboard I was using to replace the keyboard on my laptop that stopped working was only here for the evening and my Dad took it back to work with him the next morning.

My sister brought me a mini laptop that I used to use for school but that I had been letting her borrow.  I've been using the mini laptop most of the week but it just doesn't really work out well for blog posts (ie: no way to upload photos).

Even though I didn't post I took photos everyday.  These are probably all going to be about 10x more boring than usual because they're all going to get posted in this post AND I'm not even going to explain any of them.

I'm leaving in 20 minutes for the weekend.  Last minute I decided to go on retreat with the sorority I was in during college.  One of my really good friends is the speaker at retreat and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to see her.  I haven't told that many girls that I'm coming so I'm hoping to surprise some people... in a good way.  Hopefully they'll be excited and not like "what the heck is she doing here?" ;).

So just imagine how amazing all the posts that go along with these photos would have been :)

Stadiums Monday.  Notice Smokey's tail :)

Smokey watching Netflix with me

Stadiums Wednesday

I'm so gangster... riiiiiight
10 miler Thursday

Using a different method to foam roll this morning.  I have a mild case of shin splints :(

10 miler this morning.  Went outside expecting 65 degrees and was pleasantly surprised by the chilly 52 degrees.  It had warmed up to 65 by the end but it was soooo nice.  Love the cooler weather :)
Still drenched by the end...

Any fun plans this weekend?  Usually I am super lame and get really excited about just not working and I sit at home doing nothing.  I'm looking forward to being a real person this weekend! :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why I have to marry a rich man...

I LOVE saving money and I love getting good deals... or at least I used to.

Suddenly I am spending all of my money on food and I'm not really giving it a second thought.  I figure now is the time to do it when I'm living at home mooching off of my parents hospitality with no husband and no kids.  That being said, there's a good chance that unless I find someone who rakes in the big bucks, at some point I will have to stop living so frivolously and go back to the basics.  I don't want to give up my health food store addiction!

Today I spent 62.92 - I meant to pick up "a few things" - I only bought 8 items but wow, it adds up fast when you're buying organic and all natural. 

I'm planning to make it official on April 1st and go Vegan!  I realized today that April 1st is April Fools Day.  It's not a joke though, I really am going Vegan on that day.  I'm taking the rest of this month to ween myself off of dairy... like I ever really consumed much in the first place.  It shouldn't be that hard.  Right now I have 2 blocks of almond cheese in the fridge that have milk casein in them... whatever that is.  I've been LOVING Maranatha's Dark Chocolate Almond Spread but it has milk in it.  Oh, and I have some fish oil pills that I've been taking.  The whole point of today's trip was to pick up some vegetarian capsules.

Well, after much searching I found only two tiny bottles, each around $25 of capsules that not only had non-animal sources of Omega 3's but also didn't have some form of glycerin or gelatin in the capsule.  Well, $25 later I am set in that department. 

I also found some chocolate almond butter that was milk free - Yay!!!  Too bad it costs $12.  I did end up buying some.  Two actually, but only because they were buy one get one free.  I think I got a really good deal but that's still a lot of money to spend. 

Speaking of money and needing to find a rich man so that I can continue my consumption of super expensive foods: A woman I babysit for promised me she would lookout for a resident where her husband works to set me up with..  I kind of laughed at her and agreed because, well, I'm lame and never meet any guys.  I didn't expect her to find one so quickly!  It's been a few weeks and she's found me someone.  I don't know too much about him, just that he's 28 (I'm 2 months away from 23) and that he's a resident in urology.

I think I'm super awkward around guys but I guess I should give this a try?  If nothing else I can at least be able to say that I've had a blind date before... and by blind date I mean we will exchange pictures beforehand.  I'm not sure if I should go through with it though - one of my absolute musts is that the guy has to love Jesus a lot.  I have no idea whether this guy does/does not but it seems like a wasted date to me if he does not.  What do you think - should I go or should I find some excuse? 

After my expensive trip to the health food store I stopped in at the mall.  We recently got a much bigger Forever21 in our mall and I've been reading status updates on facebook all about it for the past several weeks so I finally caved and decided to check it out today.

It is HUGE.  Now our Gainesville mall is super tiny and I haven't really been shopping anywhere with lots of big stores so my "huge" forever21 might actually be pretty normal sized but to me it went on and on forever.  It was really overwhelming and I'm still not sure at all what the organization of the whole thing was at all or even if it was organized.  Whatever the case was, I ended up finding more than I wanted to find to buy.

New shirt: anything with pockets is a winner in my book

3 pairs of the same pants.  I'm pretty sure I already have enough lounge/active pants but you just can't beat $8.50, super comfy, pretty cute and I can wear them to bed, to teach ballet and various other activities if I don't feel like wearing real clothes

A pair of hoochie shorts that will be restricted to indoor use only.  How could I pass up $3.50 though?

In case you weren't aware, I actually model in my spare time.  This is me giving you my fiercest, most couture pose and facial expression.  Notice the dress is on top of the tank (and shorts).  I'm not keeping this one.  I didn't try it on because I had already waited to get into a dressing room for 30 minutes and wasn't about to do it again.  My mom told me this dress allllllmost bordered on looking okay - I'll take that as a no.  Thanks Mom for the always brutally honest opinion!

New shirt - not to be worn with these grunge shorts :)

And last but not least... my new setup.  Keyboard still not working so my dad brought me home a keyboard from his work... that I will be using until he remembers that he brought it home.  I feel really discombobulated though, I keep trying to type on the old keyboard.  I still have to use the mouse on the laptop so having the keyboard separated from the mouse is a strange feeling.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Out of Commission

No, I'm not playing scrabble with my keyboard keys...

My laptop keyboard started malfunctioning on Thursday.  It started out with a few stuck keys and within a couple of minutes was so bad that anytime I tried to type something the keyboard took over and spewed letters all over the place.  I thought maybe turning off the computer would help - I haven't been able to get passed the log-in screen since then.

So I did what any one with a 6 year old laptop that hasn't been cleaned would do... I performed surgery on my laptop.  I took the keyboard apart and cleaned all the gunk and junk out from under the keys (um, gross)

The keyboard is nice and clean after much dust, hair and crumb removal
Sadly, it's still not working.
Now a lot of keys work but a lot of them don't.
It seems really random and I can't figure out why half of a row will work and the other half won't and then I restart the computer and the row that did work suddenly doesn't work and the half that wasn't working now works.  What the heck???

I'm not very hopeful - I just can't imagine the computer making a full recovery.  I'm so glad this happened when it did though.  A year ago I would have been freaking out!  There is nothing like having several papers due when you're computer is broken.

Not that I'm ever up for shelling out $600-$1000 for a new laptop but if it had to happen, now is a good time.

In other news:

Rachel and I made it to stadiums twice this week.  Last week was Rachel's spring break and she was out of town.  Of course I could have gone by myself but when it comes to stadiums I'm pretty unmotivated without her.  It was so great to be back though.  I think it was Monday that I thought to myself "wow, I've really missed running up these stairs and feeling so completely out of breath"

Evidence that I am completely crazy because those thoughts were entirely serious.

I don't get much use out of this shirt because I feel awkward wearing it if I'm not working out but it's not made out of tech material and sort of rides up so I don't wear it when I go running either.  I love it though.  For someone who has often striven towards "skinny" and sometimes done some not so healthy things to achieve that goal "strong" is a much healthier goal to strive towards.  A quote that perfectly describes where I am in my life right now is "I once ran to stay in shape, now I stay in shape so I can run."

Speaking of running:

I've been running a lot during the week and then when the weekend rolls around I log an average of 0 miles.  This is such a huge difference from when I was marathon training because Saturday was my long run and at the end of training I was doing 22 miles on Saturday.  It's crazy how much things have changed.  I'm kind of terrified of any distances longer than 15 miles now.  One of these days I'm gonna go out and run 16 miles just to throw my body a curve ball ;).

I've heard a lot of people complaining about the time change and saying that their body hasn't adjusted yet.  I thought mine had but I'm starting to realize that me not being able to pull myself out of bed in the morning and getting to bed late is actually my body not adjusting to the time change.  The non-adjusting is making it difficult to get in my running.  I need to convince myself that running in the dark is a good thing.  Once I do that I just need to find myself a bodyguard and/or dog who can beat up anyone who tries to hurt me while I'm running in the dark.

Cause 80 degrees is just not working.  It's not even humid yet - I am going to die.

My true feelings about the planned 10 mile run that turned into a super sucky 6 mile run and left me so I didn't want to do anything this morning. 

I'm off to a super fun day of non-stop babysitting.  It's a good thing I love kids ;).  Who needs a long run when you can chase around kids all day?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Go insane go insane

I might even throw some glitter and make it rain...

I got an email last night from DISNEY WORLD!!!  Yes, they love me that much.  No, they just want my money.  I told myself after the Disney marathon that I would never be back.  I wasn't swearing off marathons, just the Disney marathon.  That was a little over 3 months ago and I guess enough time to start making me think a little differently?

If I register between March 15 and May... something, I'll get a decent chunk of money off the registration price which is super enticing since marathons are so expensive (especially Disney).

Here's the part where I am insane... I think if I register I won't just register for the marathon.  I think I'm going to register for the Goofy challenge.

What is the goofy challenge you ask?  It's a half marathon on Saturday followed by the full marathon on Sunday.  Um, please sign me up for torture?  Yes please!  But here's what's really making me want to do this... other than proving to myself that I am a super amazing endurance athlete (It's okay, I'm laughing at that statement too).  If I do the goofy challenge I get not one, not two but THREE medals!  I also get three shirts!  Not that I ever get any use out of my race shirts but that is beside the point. 

Do you want to know what is making me feel like this is even possible?  I sure would like to know.  I've been running a lot of back to back long runs.  10 miles one day and 10 miles the next and for some reason this makes me feel like I would be fine doing 13.1 one day and less than 24 hours later completing another 26.2.  INSANE!  If worst comes to worst, I measured my walking pace and it's about 15:30/mile which means I wouldn't get picked up by the people who come and pick up all the people who are going too slow and disqualify them.  This is great news because there very well may be a lot of walking involved.

Since it's a whole year away it doesn't seem that scary at all.  If, however, I do end up registering, I will probably be peeing my pants come December. 

I wore my 26.2 apparel shirt and shorts today.  I love them!  They don't quite live up to the reviews I read prior to buying but they're still really nice.  I had heard they were the softest workout clothes ever and they're soft but nothing out of this world.  The thing about them being so matchy matchy is I feel like I'm on some kind of running team which I am definitely not.  I feel like everyone who sees me out running thinks I'm trying too hard.  Why I care about what people driving by think is beyond me but I can't help it.

Last night I ran 7 miles without my knee brace.  I think that knee brace has sort of become a safety blanket for me.  The run was great.  I got a little sore at the end of it but I get sore with the brace on too.  I wore it for my 10 miler today though which just erased all the work I've been putting into evening out my striped legs.

I'm out of all of my normal smoothie ingredients so I decided to be brave today.

Almond milk, frozen blueberries, banana, splash of lemon juice, scoop of Amazing Grass Green SuperFood, a scoop of vanilla Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer, several ice cubes and about 10 leaves of romaine lettuce with the stems removed.

Not the best smoothie I've ever tasted but really nice after a long HOT run.  I think variety is better than having the best food on the planet day in and day out.  Spinach is thought to be better for you than romaine but I'm all for rotating your greens as long as everything tastes okay.  I'm excited about finding more ways to use up those salad greens that I buy and then never use.  I go through salad phases where I want them multiple times everyday and then suddenly I really don't want them at all.

I have a busy second half of the day filled with piles of laundry, teaching dance, dance meeting and grocery shopping.

I hope you all have a terrific Tuesday! :)
haha, why yes, I do spend most of my time with children under the age of 10.

What is your favorite brand of exercise clothes?  Do you have an addiction to buying more and more exercise clothes like I do? 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week of the CSA

This past week was Spring break at UF.  A good friend of mine, Alexis, is a member of a local organic CSA (A CSA consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a farming operation where the growers and consumers share the risks and benefits of food production. CSAs usually consist of a system of weekly delivery or pick-up of vegetables and fruit).

Since Alexis was planning to be out of town for spring break she generously offered to give me all of this weeks fresh fruit and veggies.  I was so excited because I hope to someday become a part of one myself and I thought this would be the perfect way to sort of test it out and see how I liked it and what I thought.

I would have LOVED to have had the chance to pick everything up myself but I had to work during pickup times.  I sent my dad who works just down the street to pick everything up for me.  First big mistake: I'm sure the farmers told my dad exactly what they were giving him but since my dad knows nothing about vegetables most of it went over his head.

By the time the produce got to me all my dad could tell me was "spinach and strawberries... and a whole lot of other green stuff."

My dad usually rides the bus home but since I made him pick up all my veggies I thought it would be mean to make him carry it all home on the bus so I picked him up from work.

While I was waiting for him to come out I watched this gorgeous sunset... which looked way better in person

Then I got bored.
My dad takes 13408234 years to actually leave work.  It doesn't matter how many times you call/text him telling him you're on your way, you're turning thus and such corner, you're almost there, you're in the parking lot... he will still take at least 15 minutes to come out.  This is why I usually refuse to pick him up from work and I have no sympathy for him when he misses the last bus.

Well I had to entertain myself somehow

The crazy person stuck in the car look is a good look for me, no?

This is my "if my arm was this skinny I would look super muscular" pose.  Hahaha, obviously I am seriously deluded.

He finally came out and my crazy photo shoot was cut short.  Thankfully... ;)

When I got all the veggies into the light I started to play a guessing game trying to figure out what everything was.  After some google sleuthing I decided I had: Romaine lettuce, swiss chard, collard greens, spinach, strawberries, cilantro and... maybe more cilantro?  Something parsley looking.

So now the challenge:  Use everything up before it goes bad without spending any more money.

The strawberries were easy.  Gone by Tuesday morning.
The spinach was also relatively easy.  I used most of it up in olive oil pasta which I made twice.  Then I used the rest in my green monsters.

Yesterday I used up either the cilantro or parsley or whatever it was along with the collard greens.  The cilantro/parsley/mystery green smelled gross and made my stomach turn and I didn't really think it did a thing for what I put it in but it wasn't bad and I'm sure it was great for me so no complaints there.

I give you permission to make fun of my food photography.  I was obviously not cut out to be a food photographer.  This is the stuffing before it was wrapped in the collard green leaves.  Onions, mystery parsley thing, grated carrots, garlic, barley, wheat germ, salt and pepper.

I made stuffed collard rolls with a few changes and next time I would change even more.  Number one on that list is the tomato sauce that the rolls were in.  It just didn't do anything for me - kind of bland and a little too sweet.  The rolls are actually pretty good but for some reason the collard green wrapping turns me off.  I think I would enjoy the collard green better if it was just cooked and cut up as part of the stuffing.  I sort of felt the way I used to as a kid eating vegetables.  The only way I used to be able to get them down was to turn off my mind completely and try not to think about what I was eating.  I'm ashamed to admit that I sort of have to do this when eating these rolls. 

If I look at the roll it doesn't look very appealing - apparently I need to go to food assembly school because it doesn't matter how delicious a food is, when I make it the food usually looks pretty unappealing.  This is no way to sway non-vegetarian's opinions on non-meat foods.  If I don't think about the way it looks and just eat it the roll is pretty good.  It's not phenomenal though, it's not a food that I think I would ever crave. 

Hopefully I'll like what I'm planning to make with the swiss chard a little better.  Tonight I am planning to make a Swiss Chard Torta.  This particular recipe calls for eggs, parmesan cheese and Gruyere cheese.  I don't plan on using any of these and will have to fudge these ingredients a bit.  I'm thinking flax eggs, nutritional yeast and maybe some daiya or almond cheese (which sadly isn't actually vegan, it has milk casein).  Wish me luck!

After that I'll just have a bunch of leftovers to finish off.  Normally this wouldn't bother me but I have a whole list of recipes I've been dying to try and I can't try any of them until I clean out the fridge a bit.  Time to get eating!

After my week experience with being a part of a CSA I am not as excited as I had been about the prospect of actually being a part of one.  It would probably be a weekly struggle to finish off all of the veggies that I got and it would also be hard feeling like I had to use up vegetables that I didn't even particularly enjoy (ie: a bunch of greens).  If we were talking potatoes, carrots, onions, turnips, etc (read: any vegetable that is not a leafy green) then I think it would be a lot easier to eat everything.  I have thought that I could just start making a whole bunch of green monsters but if I'm going to pay $300-500 for several months of produce I want something other than leafy greens.

I'll have to do some more research and talk to Alexis about what she typically gets and how the heck she uses it all up by herself.