Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Introducing: Music Mondays! - a day late

I couldn't figure out why this post had no views.  I mean, I know people usually have plans on the 4th of July but... really?  Well, apparently I never hit the publish button.  Oops!  So... music Monday a day late!

Hey everyone! Happy Independence Day!!!
I hope all of you have something fun and relaxing planned. I relaxed all this weekend and now I’m ready to do something other than sit around all day. Will that happen? Who knows but I’m feeling like the biggest bum ever so I’m really going to try to make something happen. If I really can’t think of anything, the gym is open today until 8pm so I can take my books and/or kindle and walk on the treadmill or ride the bike while I read. Boom, problem solved.

So, I have this great taste in music (doesn’t everyone think they have the best musical taste?). No one has ever heard most of the music that I listen to. This could mean that I have a horrible taste in music that no one enjoys… or it could mean that I really have this awesome taste in music and no one has discovered all the music that I like.

This gave me the great idea to share some of my favorite music with all of you. Monday will now be “Music Monday” – get ready to have your world rocked ;)

Today I have 3 songs to share with you

The first one is my current favorite song. This is not the official music video but I’m also pretty obsessed with this dance so I thought I would share this version. I tried learning the dance. In fact, I legit spent about 45 minutes trying to teach myself one part of the dance and I failed miserably. I haven’t completely given up but I’ve just come to accept that this guy is really awesome and has some really awesome dance moves… and that I do not.

Bag Raiders - Sunlight

This second song is a little more mainstream and you may have heard it already. Coldplay has been one of my favorite artists for quite a long time. This song is one of their new songs off of their EP which has two more tracks on it. I haven’t heard either of the other songs so I can’t speak to them but they’re probably pretty great too.

Coldplay – Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

And lastly… I’m not really a fan of this video but I’m obsessed with this band. I just wish they would change their name so when I put it on my facebook people wouldn’t judge me.

The Naked and Famous – Punching in a Dream

Time to kick start my day. Laundry, here I come!

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