Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Recaps

Is it awful that I have to have my planner next to me so that I can accurately recap?  Apparently all my days blend together. 

Tuesdays are often fairly complicated because I babysit during the day.  I often start around 10 AM but the time is variable.  I found out on Monday night that I'd be working at 8:15.  I was determined to still get my run in but I know me and I know that I can't run mid day (WAY too hot) and I can't run in the evening because... well, I'm lame. 

So I woke up at the crack of dark and ate my breakfast and then did some warm up exercises and stretching before heading out at 6:30 for a run.  Originally I settled on 6:30 because that was the time when it was semi light out.  Unfortunately we're losing daylight very quickly.  It's taking longer to get light in the morning and it's getting dark sooner in the evening.  I can't wait for some cooler weather but I'm going to miss the daylight :(. 

I ran 3.6 miles in about 30 minutes and then I walked a brisk 0.6 cool down lap.  I felt really good and was wanted to run MORE but time constraints made me stop.  I couldn't go to babysit all sweaty and stinky ;). 

Tuesday is Plyometrics day but I didn't have time to fit that in before I left for babysitting so when I got home at 2:30 I changed and popped in the Plyo disk.  I was planning to do about half of it.  I really didn't have much time as I had to leave at 4 to teach dance.  I got half way through and just decided to get it all out of the way.  To do this I had to skip washing my hair, gross I know.  I CRUSHED it.  I really love plyo.  It makes me feel good because Tony goes on and on about how challenging it is, and it is... but no where near the level he's talking about.

Wednesday is my day off and I literally have nothing to do except clean and exercise.  So I exercised away.  It's a good thing I enjoy exercise :). 

I started with stadiums.  Oh yeah... now it's all coming back to me.  I went with my sister this time because I felt so guilty about leaving her behind the previous time.  Half way to her house it started raining.  It wasn't anything intense, just drizzles but still, stadiums are scary when it's wet.  I don't know about you but I hate exercising outside in the rain.  You would think it might be enjoyable, keeps you cool and everything, but to me it is just not fun at all.  It's like you're pouring sweat or something.  Gross.  And it makes your clothes all wet and not fun to run in at all.  So I debated turning around but I decided to stick it out and see what would happen.  By the time I got to my sister's apartment the rain had basically stopped so we decided to go and run stadiums despite the rain.  Hah, when we got there the stadium steps weren't just slick... they were covered with puddles.  I can't believe we ran stadiums like that, but we did.  I didn't fall at all but I definitely had to slow down my pace some.  Rachel fell twice but thankfully she just kind of slipped on her butt and she was fine.  I missed both wipeouts, I would see her just after she had fallen and I just assumed she was sitting down taking a break.  I only found out later that she had fallen :). 

I came home and took a nap.  I haven't been getting quite enough sleep the past few days so the nap was glorious.  I woke up and did P90X shoulders and arms, ab ripper x and x stretch.  Mmm that stretch was gold.  Exactly what I needed.

Wednesday I make dinner for the fam.  I made a really good vegetable pie with a really deliciously healthy crust with flax seed and other yummy healthy stuff.  Unfortunately I was the only one who actually enjoyed this meal... which actually wasn't so unfortunate because I got to eat the majority of it.  YUMMMM!  Or maybe not so good?  Overeating isn't my fav ;).

I'll post later to update on my progress for today.

Hope everyone has a great day.  I'm planning to!  Here's what I'm looking forward to:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Catching Up

How are you all doing today? 

I've been MIA for the past several days.  It's hard to stay motivated to post when you're lacking on time/energy if no one is reading your blog.

I have a lot of catching up to do though since my last post

I've had a GREAT week so far.  Workout-wise and otherwise :).  I'm gonna do a quick little recap of each day.

I started off the day dark and early with stadiums.  I decided to try going by myself this time.  My original purpose for bringing someone with me was first of all to get me motivated to go and second because I think it's safer, especially if you're going in the morning when it's not likely that there will be many people around.  However, at this point I don't need the motivation and I've decided that there are enough people around for early morning stadiums to be fairly safe. 

What is frustrating about running stadiums in the morning is that the only place available to park is only available until 7:30 AM.  I leave my house at 6:10 to pick up my sister and we don't get to the stadium until 6:45.  This means that I only have about 35 minutes to workout (5 minute walk in, 5 minute walk to return to car) before I could potentially return to my car to find a ticket waiting for me. 

If I left my house at 6:10 but did NOT pick up my sister then I would arrive at the stadium at 6:30 and I would have about 50 minutes to workout.  Obviously this is a lot better than a 35 minute workout.

The extra time was great.  It sounds awful but now I wish I could just go by myself all the time.  My sister doesn't have any transportation so I'm the only way for her to get there.  I feel guilty when I go without her.  Especially when she leaves messages on my facebook page saying "You did stadiums without me? :( :( :("

I came home and got all my P90X workouts done - Chest and Back followed by Ab Ripper X.  I took some before pictures so I could see my P90X results at the end of the 90 days. 

By the end of the 90 days I'm hoping for several things: 

                 1) More defined abdominal area (6 pack please??)
             2) No love handles (mostly noticable from the back)
             3) Thinner upper thighs (inner thighs and saddle bag area)

I used to have all of these so I'm hoping I'll be able to get back to there

Monday evening one of my very best friends came into town on her way to visit her boyfriend further south.  Me and several other friends had dinner with her while she was in town.  We're cheap college students so we didn't go anywhere fancy, just Moes and Panera.  I got a bowl of the Vegetable soup without Pesto and also got a watermelon fruit cup (YUM!).  I also got an apple instead of the customary baguette (which I didn't end up eating).  I'm actually not a huge fan of the vegetable soup, I much prefer the black bean but they weren't offering any on Monday. 

I had a great time with my friends.  I've been lonely this summer.  The downside of having college friends... they all leave in the summer. 

At dinner two more friends stopped by.  They were drenched with sweat from a long run.  I started talking to them and found out that they're training for a marathon.  I was so impressed by this news.  It's one thing to read about all kinds of people training and running in marathons online but they sort of seem like these unreal people who don't REALLY exist.  Or if they do, they're super amazing and hardcore.  Now that I actually KNOW some people who are training for marathons it makes it seem much more doable.  I'm excited now to start training soon.

After dinner we stopped by starbucks next door.  Not much exciting there, I got a decaf americano.  I've recently switched from splenda to stevia in my coffee and I debated for atleast a minute what I should sweeten my americano with.  I considered sugar in the raw and honey but then I ended up going with splenda.  Too bad I didn't have any stevia packets with me. 

I was really impressed with Starbucks menu though.  They've really added a TON of healthy options.  A few things that looked really good to me were a plate with grapes and apples and cheese and then a plate with carrots, celery, grilled chicken and humus.  I wouldn't eat the chicken but everything else sounds delicious.  Next time I'm out and looking for something healthy to fill me up I'll have to make my way over to Starbucks.

So much for my short summaries :).  I'm getting sleepy so I'm just going to finish Monday's news and then I'm going to bed.

I stayed out fairly late at starbucks chatting with my friends.  It was really enjoyable but by the end of the evening I was ready to be in my bed.  Waking up at 4:45 for stadiums is not really ideal for staying out until 11:00 PM.  I think I ended up being in bed by 11:30 PM.  Up again Tuesday morning at 4:45 for my run.  More on that tomorrow :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Relaxing on a rainy evening

Hi everyone :)

(I realize no one reads my blog, this is a greeting in faith)

I painted this picture

This side isn't quite finished.  I got burnt out on sanding and painting and sanding and painting

To start... these pictures really have nothing to do with anything except that I'm relaxing in my room and these are pictures of my room

Isn't it gorgeous???  I love it :)

How is your Sunday going?  I'm relaxing in my bed listening the rain drizzle outside and the distant rumble of thunder.  Perfect Sunday evening! (except it means I won't get my daily walk in).  I'm enjoying a random assortment of food:  Freshly made refried black beans, La Tortilla Factory low carb/high fiber tortillas, and frozen mangoes. 

I've been obsessed with mangoes for the past several weeks.  I bought a pack of 6 of them a few weeks ago at Sam's Club and polished them off in just under a week.  My favorite way to eat them is half way frozen.  They're so juicy and soft that it's almost like eating sorbet, except for way better in taste and of course much healthier.  Today I searched for fresh mango but couldn't find any so instead I settled on pre frozen mangoes.  Not anywhere near as good, but it was my only option :)

So remember yesterday when I was supposed to go for a morning run and I let the few drops of rain scare me away?  I had originally planned to go for a run in the evening instead.  Hah, but you know me and my evening workouts... you guessed it, I backed out.  I kept thinking that I'd be getting in a walk with my mom so when I came home from work instead of getting into my workout clothes I decided to run in the morning.  Then I ate a pretty big dinner.  THEN I found out that my mom wasn't up for a walk (she's had a cold the past few days).  I regretted my decision not to go for a run but at that point it was really too late to go running because of all the food I had just scarfed down. 

The nice thing about missing a run on Saturday is that I can just make it up on Sunday.  Any other day of the week and I would be running stadiums instead and wouldn't be able to make up the run.  However, I have church Sunday mornings so there is limited time.  This morning I woke up though and I followed through.  I'm SO glad I did.

I ran... wait for it...

5.1 MILES!!!!

I'm so excited.  I'm back up to the distance I was running a few years back when I was running about 5 miles a day.  I ran for about 47 minutes straight.  I felt like I could have run even longer but I had to go inside to shower and get ready for church.  Now I'm PUMPED for my Tuesday run.  It couldn't come soon enough!

Once I publish this post I'm going to sit in bed for a few more minutes and then I'm planning to get up and do the P90X stretch.  I think it'll be great after the long(er) run today.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Don't give up

Is Dreya Weber not the hottest chick you've ever seen?  Oh man, talk about body envy.  She just seems so badass to me. 

I wish she was in all the P90X videos.  No offence to those other women but they are just not anywhere near as awesome as Dreya.  I always try to "out do" Dreya on the P90X videos.  I put that in quotation marks because I can't even do one real pull up yet.  I do more reps than her but of course I'm using the chair as an assist and she's doing them like a MAN.  Scratch that.  She's doing them like a strong, hardcore, amazing chick.

Speaking of pullups, I was stoked to think that in a few weeks I would be doing real pullups.  I think I might have changed my mind though.  I'm already gaining muscle from the pullups and I'm not sure how I feel about these new muscles.  I mostly like them... until I do a ballet pose

Specifically 5th position arms (that's the one on the far right)

When I hold my arms above my head the upper part of the latissimus dorsi just looks too big for a dancer.  I just don't look graceful enough.

This is pretty disappointing since I really did want to be able to do pullups.  I've decided to continue for a few weeks and see if my muscles continue to bulk up or if they stay at about the level they are now and just continue to get more defined.  If the latter is the case then I will continue on with the pullups.

Yesterday I ran stadiums for the first time in over a week.  I went in the morning (yay!) but unfortunately when I go in the morning I have to leave by 7:30 AM.  If I was going by myself this wouldn't be a problem but I bring my sister with me which means I have to drive all the way to her apartment and then back to the stadium and then drive her home afterwards.  This takes up a large chunk of time that could be spent... running stadiums.  I was only able to fit in my short routine, 6 full stadiums, 2 walking up the bleachers.  I was just happy I got to the stadium and ran some stadiums though.  Half way through the baseball team from a local highschool showed up for conditioning.  Bleh.  I love having the stadium all to myself :).  I get a little posessive and when they show up I always have to tell myself to back off, the stadium is not mine.  They didn't get in my way, but still a little annoying.

Later in the day I did P90X Legs and Back and Ab Ripper X.  I like Ab Ripper X, but man, maybe I'm doing the exercises wrong?  I don't understand how to do them so that I won't tear all the skin off of my butt.  I know, TMI, but seriously.  Right where my tailbone meets the floor I get skin all rubbed off.  It makes it really difficult to be comfortable while doing all kinds of activities (driving in the car, sitting in church, relaxing in my bed, etc etc) booooo.  Wish I could figure out a way to solve this problem.

Today I was supposed to go for a run.  With running it's really the earlier the better.  I took a little too long this morning though and got outside just in time for the skies to open up and pour.  I went inside, took off my shoes and then everything cleared up.  What?  Well, I had already decided I was gonna try for an evening run so hopefully that'll happen or I will be kicking myself for not lacing those shoes back up and going out again. 

If not, I could always run tomorrow and just kind of take today as my recovery day instead of Sunday.  We'll see how things go. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Runners High


It feels so good to be running again.  There's just a feeling that I get while I'm running that I can't get any other way.  I guess it's maybe a little like meditation?  I am not at all an expert on that topic since I've never meditated before in my life.  But I just get in a zone where I'm so focused on the rhythm of my breathing and the sound of my feet hitting the pavement.  It just feels so good.  I can just feel the stress sort of evaporating.  It's really a great feeling.

I know that glowing review makes it sound like I had an awesome run...

And I did, but maybe not as awesome as you would expect after a week away from running.  Or maybe that is exactly what would be expected after not running for a whole week.  Hah, again, not an expert.  Anyways, I got out and I was feeling really good.  I thought for sure I would be able to hit my goal of 4.5 miles.  Then half way through my first loop I ran into a dog on the loose. 

Ugh, I just hate dogs anymore.  I've had way too many bad experiences with dogs.  I have a scar next to my belly button from a great dane attacking me.  A few years ago when I was on a run a dog chased after me and barked and lunged at me everytime I moved an inch.  I was probably standing there for about 20 minutes (crying by the end of the 20 minutes) before a neighbor came outside to rescue me.  A few months ago I was house sitting and one of my jobs was taking the dogs for walks every day.  A much larger dog came and attacked one of the small dogs I was walking.  I had to literally wrestle on the ground with this larger dog until he released the little dog out of his jaw.  I never really liked dogs in the first place but at this point when I see one I just turn around.  I would rather not deal with that if I can avoid it. 

At first I was really disappointed but then I decided I would just do the smaller loop around my block and just run around it several time.  I really prefer the longer loops, the whole run just seems shorter when I'm not running around and around and around.  I ran around the smaller loop 5 times which is 3 miles.  Then I did one cool down loop.  About half way through the last loop pain started shooting through the side of my knee.  I'm almost positive that my knee issues involve the IT band.  Grr.  So frustrating.  I tried to run through it (bad thing?) but had to stop.  I really wanted to run for 30 minutes straight and I stopped to walk at 28 minutes.  I walked for one minute and then ran for 2 and then finished up my cool down loop. 

My calorie burn was 258.  This is pretty average for me.  I don't know how some of these people get these HUGE calorie burns.  I workout HARD but my calorie burns are between 500-700 overall for the whole day.  I know I'm 5'0 and about 97lbs but STILL.  It's frustrating for me to read others blogs and see "1058 calorie burn" for a 1.5 hour workout.  I try not to compare myself to others but sometimes it's hard not to.

There's a fine line between finding someone who can inspire you and finding someone who seems so many leagues above you in ability and physical fitness that it seems like an unattainable goal.  It's great to have something to aspire to, but it's important to focus on little steps along the way.  Give yourself credit for accomplishing each step, no matter how small that step may seem on the way to the ultimate goal.  Eventually all those steps will add up to the mile and before you know it you'll be at the mile... and then you'll be looking for another goal to attain :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last day of my recovery week =/

WOW!  I've actually enjoyed my recovery week.  The deal is that tomorrow I'm back to running.  I need to set a goal before I get out there and then STICK TO IT!  I can't wait until things cool down a bit.  I know it's still mid August and I haven't even began to feel heat.  Septembers in Florida are basically hell on earth.  Awful, humid, and SCORCHING!  Not looking forward to it.  I try to get out as early as possible but sometimes it's just really hard to get out of bed that early.  Plus, who really enjoys running several miles right after getting out of bed?  Not me, but the feeling about half way through the run and when I finish is off the charts.  Worth it.  So why is it so hard to get started?

Yesterday I did P90X Cardio X.  It's day 2 of the lean program.  I was not really impressed.  I'm pretty sure it's the very very very watered down alternative to Plyometrics.  I burned plyo the day after P90X came in the mail so going back to a way easy workout did not suit me.  It had a little section from each of the discs.  There was a section on yoga, core synergistics, plyo and kenpo.  Wow, let me tell you... Kenpo is NOT my thing.  I just feel super awkward.  I'm always really conscious of form and actually, really pretty good at form... hafta brag a little ;).  I am NOT good at form at all when I do Kenpo.  I guess I was just not made to fight.  I'll work out it and hopefully get a little less awkward.  I was also reminded in the plyo section how awful I am at sports.  There are two exercises that are sport related in plyo.  In one of the exercises you mime catching a basketball and then jumping to toss it in the basket.  In another one of the exercises you pitch a baseball.  Ugh, I just look and feel SO awkward when I do these.  Even though I really didn't enjoy this one much I thought it fit pretty well into my recovery week.

Today was shoulders and arms and ab ripper x.  Nailed em.  I'm really enjoying some of these bicep exercises.  It just amazes me the amount and variety of ways that you can work the same muscle.  Amazing.  I'm seeing results in my arms and shoulders.  I love it... but dare I say, I'm not so sure about some of the muscles popping up.  In particular, one muscle under my arm, on my back has gotten pretty big and I think it makes me look manly.  Especially when I do ballet poses (which I do several times a week since I teach ballet).  I just don't look graceful.  It's frustrating because I love the muscled look... until it's on me and then I start second guessing.  I'm going to give it a couple weeks, maybe two max and see how things go.  If I really think it's too much then I'm going to back off on all the pullups.  See, it makes me sad :(.  I was so excited about being able to do pullups.  I think girls who can do pullups are super hardcore, and here I may not be doing them.  Bummer.

Tomorrow is Yoga X which will be nice after my run.  The way I had things set up before, I was running and then coming home and doing an intense cardio session.  Dumb I know, but I'm so weak with cardio that I felt like I had to do a ton.  I love doing all the other stuff so I try to force myself to do as much cardio as possible.

Bed time :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Well Rested and REFRESHED!


This describes how I feel exactly

...Well, except that I'm ready for bed.  This is me mentally ;)

Remember last week when I tried P90X Core Synergistics and was SO unmotivated that I kept pausing it to take LONG breaks and then even took a shower half way through? 

Well according to the new P90X workout schedule that I'm following today was my day for Core Synergistics.  I was a little nervous since I SUCKED last time, but I was pretty determined.  Let me tell you, I don't know what the heck was wrong with me last week.  It's a really good workout, but there is no way that you should have to take so many breaks.  That just tells me how mentally tired I was last week.  I'm so happy that I decided to take a week rest because my workouts are so energized.  Granted, I have not added in either stadiums or runs and I'm still planning to go pretty light until Thursday because that will be a full week. 

Tomorrow is my running day and I don't really have much time to go for a long run anyways so I'm just gonna keep it short and sweet.  I'm going to do one loop (1.5 miles) and I'm planning to run it at a faster pace than my pace for 3 loops and see how things go.  I'm excited about running since I haven't been on a run since Thursday and that run was only 1.5 miles. 

After my run I'm driving my mom to work so I can borrow the car one last time to go do some babysitting.  At some point when I get home I'll do the P90X Cardio X.  I haven't done that video yet so I'll let you know what I think. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Soreness and Stretching

I'm really so excited that these P90X workouts are making me sore.  I workout frequently and pretty intensely so sometimes during a workout I'll think to myself "wow, I'm really working hard, I'm gonna feel this tomorrow"... and then I don't feel a thing.  It makes me feel like I'm not working as hard as I think I am.  A good way for me to judge a new workout is whether I get sore or not.  So really, all this soreness is a good sign.

Today my upper back, right behind my arms is really sore (hah, guess I should really learn the names for these muscles so I could be super specific).  It's difficult to lift my arms above my head.  My legs are also pretty sore.  Not my quads which is not surprising considering all the stadiums I do, but my inner thighs and also my butt, right where the hams connect.  Awesome! Like I said, sore can be good, and this is a good sore.

Today I did the P90X Stretch.  I didn't think it would be an hour of stretching and was really surprised when I popped in the disk.  I mean, how can you do an hour of stretching?  But we did.  It was EXACTLY what I needed.  So relaxing, and felt so good.  Some of the "stretches" seemed like light exercise to me.  I don't know how I feel about that... maybe once I'm more accustomed to the program I won't feel this way.

This week I've kind of just been doing whatever P90X video I feel like but next week I'm planning to follow the schedule.  I'm supposed to do arms and shoulders tomorrow.  Hah, my back better be feeling a lot better tomorrow or that hour is going to be pure hell.  Oh well, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right? :)

In other news, looks like I will have a car by Wednesday around noon.  Which means I will still be riding my bike to work tomorrow (fun...not).  That also means I can do stadiums in the morning on Friday!!!  Except I'm working Friday morning... bummer =/. 

I've been feeling really good after the first couple days of my recovery week.  So good in fact that I want to cut it short early.  Not sure if I will... I'm not sure if the same principle applies but I kind of feel like this situation is similar to when you're supposed to be taking antibiotics and you start feeling better so then you decide you don't need the rest of the antibiotics and then you get sick again.  I'd rather wait it out and not get tired again then cut my recovery week short and just have to do it all over again.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Knowing When To Make Adjustments

I think it is so important to keep in mind that you can make adjustments and still attain your fitness goals (or any goals for that matter)

I have been absolutely KILLING IT workout wise for the past month

I've been alternating days between running stadiums and running 3-4.5 miles.  On Stadium days I come home and do an hour of weight lifting, on running days I get inside and do another half hour to an hour of Jari Love Extremely Ripped 1000 or P90X Plyometrics.

I feel awesome on these days, really super hardcore

And then at the end of last week and this week I just couldn't do it.  At first I felt like I just wasn't being motivated enough or that I was being a wimp.  I didn't really know what was wrong, I just felt weak.  Once I've attained a certain level, once I go below that level I feel like I'm cheating or not working hard enough.

I started looking at the recommended P90X workout schedules and noticed that it's planned with three weeks of HARDCORE workouts and then theres a "recovery week".  Tony Horton also mentions in all the videos of his that I've done so far to "make adjustments" if you have to. 

I started thinking to myself that maybe what I kept attributing to a lack of motivation was really my body telling me to CALM DOWN for just a little bit.  Bodies are pretty amazing, but they aren't meant to go hardcore nonstop for weeks and weeks on end.  They need a break.  So I'm finally listening to my body and giving myself a "recovery week"

Now this does not by any means mean that I am just going to sit around on my butt for a week.  Are you kidding me?  I can't even do a recovery day on Sunday.  No, my recovery week is mostly just going to cut back on all of my high impact cardio.  That's mostly what I've been dreading, and what's been hurting once I actually make myself do it.  You know, muscles hurting is one thing, but I feel like my bones are hurting.  Not terribly, but very achy.  I'm starting to think that this feeling is NOT a good sign, and I do not want any serious injuries.

Ideally, I would still get in atleast one hardcore cardio session (either running or stadiums) and on the other days I'll stick to lighter cardio.  I almost always go on a 30 minute walk with my mom in the evenings, so that is covered.  I'm sure I'll throw in P90X Plyo, Jari Love or P90X Cardio X.  We'll see how my body feels.

Once I settled on my recovery week, I didn't feel so guilty for missing workouts or for getting out to do them and then feeling like I couldn't make it.  I think a certain amount of pushing yourself is a good thing, but too much pressure, especially when you've been going nonstop for about a month, is definitely not a good thing.  And I can kick it back up anytime.  As long as my recovery week doesn't turn into a recovery month, I think I'll be good. 

In other news: I'm going to look at a car tomorrow!!!  So excited!  From what I can tell just by looking at the pictures and reading over the car fax, it really seems like it's a great car.  I'm just looking forward to not bumming rides anymore and being able to go where I want when I want again.  Yayyyy for morning stadium workouts again!  So much better than evening stadium workouts that I get kicked out of!  Yayyyyy for being able to DRIVE to work.  I mean, that bike ride was good exercise wise but time wise and all else wise - BLEH!  Also, yay for being able to take on more jobs.  I've been turning down a bunch of jobs just cause I felt bad using my mom's car all the time, but now I'll be able to start replacing all the money I'm about to spend on the new car.  Yes, I work so that I can buy a car so that I can get to work, so that I can pay for my car... that's life, right?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Feeling Sore

Usually I would be excited to be sore.  It really happens so rarely (does this mean I'm not working hard enough or that I'm in great shape?).  Today I am not excited about being sore though.  You know that sore feeling that is a good sore?  That sounds counter intuitive, but I have definitely felt good to be sore before.  This sore is a mixture of soreness and exhaustion.  I did a few plank exercises this morning and was SHAKING!  I never shake when I do planks.  I am just not excited at all about this soreness.

As a matter of fact, I'm not very excited about anything workout related today.  This week hasn't been great as far as my workouts go and I feel like I'm in a workout rut.  I just am not all there mentally.  I want to workout because I don't want to lose anything that I've accomplished over the past few months but I just don't feel like doing it.  I need to figure out how to get my motivation back. 

I went out for my "awesome" run this morning.  I only ran 1.5.  The voice inside my head that tells me to keep going is just not there. 

So then I came home and put in P90X Core Synergistics... and I just struggled through the whole thing.  I had to keep pausing it and even took a shower half way through.  What the heck?  I need to get my mojo back!!!

Part of me thinks that maybe I'm struggling because my body honestly needs a break.  I have a slight twinge in my left knee and in my right ankle.  I've been having these pains for a few weeks now but for my runs after about the first 1/4 mile I don't really feel the aches anymore.  I'm starting to feel them longer throughout the run though.  I was reading up on the P90X workout plans and all the plans have 3 weeks of intense exercise followed by atleast one "recovery week" where the exercise isn't as intense.  Maybe I should just slow down and give my body a recovery week.  Running stadiums every other day and then running 4.5 miles every other day with other various intense exercise videos thrown in is probably a lot to ask my body to maintain long term.

That being said, I've decided to not be too hard on myself about today.  I had already  planned for tomorrow to be kind of on the relaxed side... so two days off and then Saturday I'm going to BRING IT on my run.  I think I'll be up to it since my runs this week have been fairly short (3 miles and 1.5 miles).  I sure hope so anyways.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Weakness

Can I just say... google is so smart.  When I searched for "running stadiums" this picture entitled "Running Stadiums at UF" was the first result.  Google is either smart or creepy or both.

Sad news and part of my title

The Gators are starting practices and today was a "closed" practice which means no one is allowed to watch.  I was totally in the zone, knocking out my stadiums.  I was on my 6th one on the way down when I was asked (very nicely) to leave.  Sad day.  So disappointing.  It's not like I can even go and replace that cardio with running which would be my first go to because tomorrow I'm supposed to run and I like giving my body a break.  Two days in a row of running usually is not a good thing for me.

I know this "weakness" was none of my fault but it still makes me feel weak when I can't finish what I planned on finishing, regardless of whether it was my fault or not

BUT I didn't let that stop me.  I was disappointed but I came home and went for a 30 minute brisk walk and then pulled out P90X Chest Shoulders and Triceps.  I'm definitely feeling it.  I'm not sore yet but I definitely have that my muscles are completely used up and exhausted feeling.  I think I'm going to do the Ab Ripper tonight.  It's only 10 minutes, nice, short and sweet.  Plus, I'm the queen of ab exercises so it'll be nothin' ;)

Here's hoping that my run tomorrow will be KICK BUTT and I will be AWESOME.  I always feel so hardcore after my runs even though I know there are people out there who run longer and faster.  I'm not comparing myself to others right now, what's important to me is that I beat MYSELF.  That I get stronger and faster and build my endurance.  I'm not trying to be someone else, I'm trying to be the best me I can possibly be.  No wimping out tomorrow.  The plan is a 6:30AM 4.5 mile run(hopefully 5 or more! that would be super exciting).  If I only do 3 or 4.5 then P90X Plyometrics it is :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wait, it's only Tuesday?

I feel like so much has happened this week already that it can't possibly be just Tuesday.  Everything is so much more complicated when you don't have a car.

Tuesday is my running day.  I usually get up and try to be out the door by 6:30.  I love early morning runs, they energize me and make me feel like I can accomplish anything.  Another upside is that I have the whole day in front of me.  This morning I woke up EXHAUSTED.  I feel like this is becoming a theme...
First I woke up an hour later than I planned and then when it was time for my run I wimped out.  My legs were still pretty sore from stadiums yesterday.  I justified my wimping out by telling myself that when I had a car I used to run stadiums in the morning and then my body had a whole 24 hours to recover before running the next morning but I had done stadiums less than 12 hours before so I should wait until the evening and do an evening run instead.

I should know better.  I'm just horrible at working out in the evenings.  After a long day at work I want to come home and veg, or atleast get some dinner. 

So anyways, I came home and went on a walk with my mom and then I went for a run.  I've been running for 4.5 miles every other day but today I was only able to do 3 miles.  Bummer.  I don't know about you but when I've attained a certain level of fitness the next time I go out I want to be able to accomplish the same or MORE.  It's always so depressing to not be able to get to atleast the same level.  On days that I run I usually throw in a Jari Love cardio video or on Saturday I did P90X Plyometrics.  I haven't done anything of the like yet.  Not sure if I will... but I should, especially since I skimped on the run. 

In other news, for the past couple weeks I've been working on a copy cat to Kashi's Mayan Harvest Bake.  I LOVE the Mayan Harvest Bake.  Absolutely the BEST frozen meal.  It's just so good.  I could rave about it for a whole blog post.  I searched the internet and came up with a pretty good copy cat but haven't been completely satisfied so each week I've been editing here and there and the meal that I made today was delicious!  I think I'm pretty happy with it and there won't be anymore editing.  I'll post the recipe in tomorrow's blog. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to work

Not only is today Monday, it's also means back to work for me.  I'm teaching 7 ballet classes this year which is two more than last year.  I had 3 of my classes today and they went pretty smoothly for the most part.  Now I'm exhausted!  My legs ache from the knee down, especially my ankles.  I'm skipping out on a few of my planned exercises for today.  I meant to do a Jeri Love weight routine from her Body Rock DVD but I just can't make myself do it. 

I really do better exercising in the morning.  I'm much more likely to get it DONE.  The later in the day it gets the more likely I am to wimp out on a workout.  After about 10 PM my body just keeps repeating "bed time, bed time, please just lay down and go to sleep."

Oh well, 30 minute bicycle ride is going to replace my weights for today.  My car's engine died almost two weeks ago and so today I rode my bike to work.  Thank God it's only a 15 minute drive away.  The bicycle ride wasn't bad either.  I was sort of dreading it because of a bad biking experience awhile back.  A few years ago when I had car troubles I rode my bike from the university campus to work and then from work to home after teaching my classes.  I almost died.  It was just awful.  So bad that I had to get off my bike and WALK!  I know, I hate admiting that, but for one thing I wasn't in the kind of shape I'm in right now, and for another thing I was carrying a 9lb laptop, a fairly heavy U-lock and maybe a book or two.  This time I just had a change of clothes, ballet shoes, phone, wallet, etc. 

Even though the ride wasn't that bad I was still pretty sweaty by the time I got there.  I left a lot of time because I wasn't sure how long the ride would take and also because I wanted to have a chance to dry off and change clothes.  When I got to the dance studio I went upstairs where we have a portable air conditioning unit and just stood next to the unit with the fan on full speed and the temperature as low as it goes.

I had planned to ride the bike home but my wonderful mother called just as I had hopped on the bike and informed me that she was picking me up :)

After I got home I went out and ran stadiums.  I love stadiums.  INTENSE exercise but you get such good results in such a short time.  I have the University of Florida's Ben Hill Griffin Stadium close by and I try to workout there about 3 times a week.  My normal workout is 7 times running up and down the steps all the way to the top followed by three times walking up the bleachers.  I usually do lunges on the bottom steps because they're closer together and I can't feel anything unless I amp up the difficulty a bit :).  Then after I finish my last time down I jump with both of my feet together up the bottom steps.

When I got home I had some DELICIOUS zucchini parmesan and then went on a nice brisk walk with my mom. 

QUESTION OF THE DAY: When do you workout?  What time of the day are you most likely to get a workout done?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Funday... or is it?

Sunday is my recovery day. Or atleast, it’s supposed to be…

I find that it’s really hard to take a break when you’ve worked out hard all week. When I take a break I feel guilty or lazy. I know how important it is to take a day off and let your muscles recover to prevent injury and to grow stronger but man… mentally I’m ready to keep workin. I just feel weak when I take a break.

I obviously need to spend some time figuring out how to enjoy my time off and learn to enjoy relaxing.

I just got P90X in the mail and was really excited about the breadth of workouts provided. I’m not going to follow any of the P90X plans, I’m just going to add them into my library of workout DVDs and pop one in when I feel like doing a specific workout. A few of the workouts that I am especially excited about are the stretching DVD and the yoga DVD. I can use these DVDs on Sunday so that I’m still doing something active but I’m still giving my muscles a chance to relax. Also, I’m not great with stretching after a workout so I think a whole DVD of stretching will really be beneficial for me.

Just to clarify… I do stretch after workouts but unless I really spend a long time stretching, I don’t feel that I’ve stretched deeply enough. I’m used to the stretches for ballet that go a lot deeper than the stretches most workout DVDs provide or any of the stretches offered on running websites.

So that stretching DVD is on my list of things to do at some point today. After I got home from church my brother convinced me to do Ab Ripper X with him. If you’re not familiar with P90X, this DVD is about 15 minutes of intense ab exercises. What I really enjoy about this DVD (and all the P90X DVDs I’ve done so far) is that even though the exercise is intense, you only do each exercise for 30 seconds. I can take 30 seconds of anything. Well… mostly . My sister also decided to join in and we all set up in the living room and did our 15 minutes of abs. Needless to say, it was pretty cramped in our tiny living room with all three of us sprawled on the floor. I think in the future I’ll stick to doing this one on my own

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you find it easy to take a day off from exercise? What do you do on your recovery day?

Testing the Waters


I have no idea if anyone will find this blog or if I will end up blogging to myself until I tire of it but for now I am going to imagine that atleast a few people will stumble upon it and be interested enough to keep reading.

I’ve recently started to read several fitness/nutrition/lifestyle blogs and everytime I read one I feel the desire to start one of my own to share my story with others and to keep a sort of log of my continuing journey.

I intend the content of this blog to mainly center around my current fitness goals/achievements and the fun new healthy foods and recipes I create but you’ll also get a glimpse into my everyday life and activities

Please bare with me as I find my “blog feet”