Sunday, July 3, 2011

6 miles: done! 7:53, 7:45, 8:02, 8:05, 8:24, 8:35

And I’m back!

Yeah... it totally looks like I peed my pants

Ideally I would be running faster at the end but I’m pretty pleased. Pre-injury I was mostly running everything under 8:15 and could do a 6 mile with all sub 8 minute miles but this is much better than the 9:15s I was running the other week on the beach. It was so beautiful out this morning too, foggy, not a soul in sight (well, except the guy on the bike that made me jump out of my skin when he greeted me) and cool. Okay, so cool is maybe an over statement but for this time of year 68 is pretty great.

I’m glad I went but right now I’m kind of kicking myself. I’m sitting in bed having my chia and flax seed oatmeal, drinking coffee and icing my shins and I only have 30 minutes until I have to leave for church. Oh and I have wet hair. I’m not exactly sure why I thought I had enough time to fit in a run but oh well. It’s done and the endorphins are flowing.

Fast forward and I’m curling my now mostly dried hair. 5 minutes till time of departure and only one side of my hair is curled.

We ended up being 5 minutes late – total heathens, I know. All in all I think everything worked out nicely. That last minute push at the end, dang, I wish that could translate to my racing.

I rocked my zensah compression sleeves under skinny jeans – What, fat calves aren’t in?

I’m feeling in the Independence Day spirit but don’t really have anyone to celebrate with. My family has never been one for celebrating holidays the traditional way. Sometimes I’m okay with that and then other times I really wish we had a fun day planned like everyone else. I’m wanted to go hiking, exploring, kayaking and having some healthy traditional 4th of July fare. Who knows, maybe I’ll make it happen.

I’m trying to plan out the rest of my day and I want to spend it OUTSIDE. It’s so gorgeous outside today, although it’s really HOT. I’m contemplating a long bike ride but that would involve borrowing a bike. My bikes tires are… well, dead for lack of a better word. Reading by the beach also sounds nice except there’s no beach close by. I don’t want to waste this gorgeous weekend!

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