Sunday, January 30, 2011

ATTACK! Of the vicious tigers

Hi, I hope this post finds you well :)

I am finally finally starting to feel better.  I can't believe I've been struggling with this thing for a week now.  I guess all of my never get sick finally caught up with me.  I promise I will never say I don't get sick ever ever ever again.

I did not do a 10 mile run on Friday as planned.  My 10 mile run turned into a 6 mile run during the first half mile where my calves let me know "Um, hey, we're still super sore, you are not doing a 10 mile run - nice try"

Then my 6 mile run turned into a 3 mile run with a 3 mile cool down.  Oops!

I had many problems during this run.  The first problem was my calves, the second problem was my polar heart rate monitor.  I don't know what I did in the days before my polar but lately if I look down and notice my polar is not recording I feel like there's no point in finishing the workout.  Well, I looked down and my watch informed me that my heart rate was 84.  I knew that was absolutely not correct.  Then after fiddling with the chest strap (while running) I got it to give me the correct number a few times but then it just went to "00."  Ugh, most annoying thing ever!  I continued to mess with the chest strap and finally gave up and just turned the whole thing off.  By that time I had other problems to worry about...

Where's a bathroom!!!  Without a doubt this is the most annoying problem that I've experienced as a runner.  While training for the marathon I had to make several bathroom stops on all of my long runs (17 miles, 19 miles x 2 and 22 miles) - basically the reason why I don't want to run further than 15 miles unless I absolutely have to, I was traumatized.  The moral of that story is dates are really good for you but not if you plan to go running. 

Anyways, I stopped running until I got to 3 miles

At 3 miles I stopped at a gas station and washed off the chest strap and finally got it working again.  I started the run back home and again needed a bathroom.  I was sick of all of the issues I was dealing with on what was supposed to be a nice 10 mile... or 6 mile run and so I just decided to walk the rest of the way home. 

After my fun experience on Friday I was ready to come back on Saturday and get a good run in... for real this time.  Apart from still having a cold my 11 miles on Saturday was really nice.  It was so good just to get out.  It was so gorgeous out too.  A little hot, started out at 65 degrees and was 75 by the time I got back, but all in all it was a really good run.

Today I haven't done too much.  It's nice to have a day "off" every now and again, although lately my day off has accidentily fallen on Wednesday or Thursday - I just don't end up doing anything, mostly because I'm lazy.  Then my weekends I end up playing catch up.  I tried to go for an early early morning run but only managed 1.5.  I wasn't totally feeling it mentally and when my knee started to complain I just decided that I was done.  I fit in about an hour of stretching instead :)

Then later I got attacked my some vicious tigers...

They wanted to eat us alive

We look terrified, don't we?  Actually, Mattox does - I didn't get the memo ;)

We finally managed to tame the wild tigers and they agreed to pose for a "normal" photo with us

Happy end of the week!  I'm excited about starting a new week - can't wait to see what this week will bring! :)

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