Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hello world!

I am going on day 12 spent with this lovely cold.  We've certainly gotten close these past several days but we are not exactly on the best of terms.  On  Sunday I was a big sneezing mess.  I was convinced that this was the turning point and I would be waking up Monday morning feeling more like a real person again.  I was right, it was a turning point, unfortunately on Monday my cold took a turn for the worst (okay, not the worst, but definitely worse than things had been). 

I still managed to fit in stadiums on Monday and Wednesday but that is all that I've done active this week.  I haven't not moved this much in a very very long time.  My body is definitely not up to much but mentally I am just going stir crazy.  I haven't been really sick in a very long time and to have anything for this long is just completely out of the ordinary for me.  I just have no idea what to do with myself...

It's been an interesting couple of days that's for sure:

Monday I made it through 3 dance classes, Tuesday I made it through babysitting at which point I thought it would be a great idea to take a Benadryl before teaching two dance classes.  Oops... not  my brightest idea.  About half way through my first class I started to feel really fuzzy.  Well okay, I didn't start to feel fuzzy - now that would have been very strange.  My brain started to feel fuzzy.  I could not think to save my life.  Unfortunately that day we were working on the dance for the recital.  Now, when you're working with 3 year olds there is only so much they are able to do.  Even the simplest moves are very difficult to teach.  I had planned out what I was going to teach the girls but immediately after I taught it to them I realized it was just not going to work at all.  However, this was about when my brain completely abandoned me.  I could not think of a thing to do to rescue the situation.  I'm not sure what really went on for the rest of that class but somehow we got through.

They're so cute ;).  I don't allow them to sit on this bench during ballet class but by the time they all hopped on the bench I was too far gone to even care.

My second class was much worse.  They're a crazy bunch to begin with so I knew it was going to be a difficult class.  As soon as my helper arrived I warned her about my situation and told her she was going to have to help me out a lot during class.  Unfortunately she was not much help at all =/.

When I arrived home I went straight to bed.

Wednesday I could tell things were not improving at all but I still got out to do stadiums which surprisingly felt really great and then on my way home I got a last minute request to babysit.

Spent the day with this little cutie

It was a nice relaxing day :) Perfect - I would have died if I had to watch her three older brothers too

Believe it or not we did actually manage to get some chalk on the driveway ;)

Last night I decided that I probably have a secondary infection and that I should probably go get it checked out.  I haven't been to the doctor since the summer of 06 so this was a big step for me.  This morning I set up an appointment and sure enough I have sinusitis.  This is good news because it means they can give me something to make me better!  I have some antibiotics that I have to take for three days and then I better be better!  I am so looking forward to this thing being done with.  I'm ready for some running!!!


  1. I;m sorry you don't feel well :( I have been struggling with a cold too. I finally feel like myself again. I think it's great you were able to fit in stadiums. I hope you feel better soon :)

  2. Thanks Michelle! I'm so glad to hear you're feeling back to normal again. It seems like a lot of people have been getting sick recently. It always makes me feel better when I don't feel well if many other people don't feel well - I realize that sounds awful. Misery loves company :)