Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Under the weather

For the past several days I've been fighting the beginnings of a cold...

I haven't been sick in over a year and before that when I would get sick it was never so bad that I had to stay in bed/around the house.  It was always bad enough so that I would be absolutely miserable while going to school, studying, teaching and babysitting.  Wait, did I say babysitting?  Oh no, I never babysit while I'm sick.  Oops, you caught me...

Anyways, this year I've been around sick kids almost weekly and have stayed well.  I do sometimes get that "I think I'm coming down with something" feeling but it never develops into anything.  Exercising, eating healthy and washing your hands really do amazing things for you :)

All that to say that whatever I've been fighting was not better or gone today, it was worse.  I still wouldn't say I have a full blown cold though.  I have a slight headache and a slight sore throat.  That's about it.  Even though I'm feeling pretty decent I spent a lot of my day in bed reading/computering.  I did end up making myself go for a 3 mile run midday (23:20) and got in some P90X.

Smokey doing abs with me

My cat tries to cuddle with me when I'm working out and then gets mad at me for moving around so much

He gets kicked out a lot...

I taught one ballet class today.  I forgot to mention that I also half lost my voice - this makes teaching a group of 9 three year olds quite an adventure.  We do a dance to a classical piano version of The Hokey Pokey in ballet class and I sing the words.  Today I told them all to help me out and sing very loudly.  I'm so glad they're all only 3 and don't really know how awful I sing... with or without my voice.

I'm about half way through P90X Shoulders & Arms.  It's one of the easier workouts to get through but all I want to do is go to bed or watch a movie.  Story of my day =/

We'll see who wins.

Sleepy Sharon?  Or this girl... who I should probably name crazy Sharon or something similar