Friday, January 21, 2011

Charlie & Lola and Lots of Cuddling

I spent my day cuddling with this little cutie :)

Oh my goodness!
I tried to sneak him out of the house in my purse but his mom caught me ;)
Just kidding of course
But I (allllllmost) wanted to

Who could resist this little guy?  Even with the horrible picture quality he's adorable
Will is 4 weeks old today and he pretty much just slept the 4 hours his mom left him with me
When he wasn't sleeping he was snuggling (happily!) with me
No crying at all!
This is most likely because he's a great baby but I'm going to throw in that I am also an amazing babysitter ;)

After snuggling with Will for the first part of my day I made a quick stop at the mall to return several items I ordered online.  Love online ordering, hate when things look way better on the models (uh, which is pretty much always).  It makes everything okay though that I can so easily just return the unwanted items to the store in the mall.

Then I headed off to babysitting job #2.  Reid was napping so I caught up on 30 Rock, The Office and started watching Tabitha's Salon Takeover... which I've never watched before.  Then he woke up and we played outside and watched Charlie and Lola.  I think I really like Charlie and Lola... I know, sad

Basically the cutest kids show ever.  British accents melt my heart, always.

Workouts?  Uh, what's that?

Maybe later...

Today I was supposed to do P90X Chest & Back and Ab Ripper X, some time with my new hula hoop and some time spent on my foam roller

We shall see... I'm making no promises

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