Thursday, January 20, 2011

Run Like A Girl

Workout: Stadiums/40 mins, 6 mile run/53:45m

This morning I made it to the stadium for a glorious workout.  It was the perfect temperature, about 42 degrees.  It's been awhile since I've done stadiums in the morning.  I keep getting rained out or schedule just doesn't allow for it... orrrr I plan to go and can't seem to drag myself out of bed in the morning.

I didn't realize how much REST marathon running required.  I thought rest meant "don't run".  Maybe it does for some people but for me that meant a lot more sleep than my body usually needs (and it usually needs a lot).  It was workin hard to repair all those muscles :)

Then right around lunchtime I went for a 6 mile run.  This has been my longest run since the marathon.  I was pretty sure it would go well, my 3 mile runs have been great the past week.  Sure enough, I feel like I'm back to normal.

Today I wore my new running skirt.  I've been seeing them around recently and finally broke down and bought one at the expo at the Disney Marathon.  I thought they were silly at first but I've decided I really like them.  Why not run like a girl?  Not to say I don't run like a girl when I wear shorts or compression tights but I felt super girly.  Part of me enjoyed feeling girly while running, you know, all that girl power stuff but the other part of me felt a little self conscious.  They were super comfy though and I'm sure I'll get over the self conscious bit.  In all honesty I could care less what people driving by think of me.

Sometimes I run like a pirate too ;)

Then I came home and almost burned the house down ;).  Well okay, I just made kale chips.  I have a bad track record with any food that you have to keep a close eye on.  Any nut toasting or kale chip making usually ends up in at least one completely charred batch.  Oops!  After I realized I had burned them the fire alarm decided to also let me know that I had burned them... then the battery died so it's been making it's annoying "replace my batteries now" sound.  Second batch was a success - mmm, what a delicious, healthy and mostly easy snack to make (if you're good at not burning things that is...).

I hope you all have had a productive day!  Or a relaxing day!  I like productive and relaxing but none of that unplanned bored/do nothing days.  Oh wait, I forgot, only people like me who don't have real jobs have time for those kind of days ;).

Post run:  Dang it was hot out there!

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