Monday, January 17, 2011

Bad bad blogger...


Long time no post!  I know, I know.  Maybe I am not cut out to be a blogger...

Despite my past bad posting habits (or complete lack of habits) I'm going to give it another go!

I'm trying a new blog method - instead of long posts where I feel like I need to cover everything and anything I will be trying short posts.  I think I will be able to stay on top of things that way.

Since I haven't posted in ages though, I'll throw out a little bit of a recap - only the exciting stuff of course :)

On January 9 I ran in my first ever marathon!

It was not my best run.  I had a goal of under 4 hours and ended up finishing in 4:26:13.  I had been so busy the day before the race that I forgot to drink (BIG oops!).  I think I was only slightly dehydrated on Sunday but it created a few problems I've never experienced before while running and I was totally unprepared. 

I had a cramp for about 5 miles that I just could not get rid of.  On top of the cramp I had major nausea issues for the majority of the race.  The nausea was so bad that I couldn't get down any GUs.  Not one for the whole race. 

On the positive side of things, I had zero knee problems!  Not even a twinge!  That was awesome since I had other problems that I hadn't anticipated.

Overall, I'm happy with my first race.  I sprinted across the finish line and I DID IT!  If I had hit that sub 4 hour goal on my first marathon every single marathon afterwards would be tough to PR in.  I'm pretty sure I can beat my time next time around.

I'm healing up quickly.  Last week I went on two short and very slowww runs.  I'm looking forward to getting out again this week and start kicking some butt! 

Next race I'm going to try out some water proof make-up.  This look is just not okay ;)

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