Sunday, January 23, 2011

Church, Hummus and Vibrums

Happy end of the week! :)

For once I had a weekend where I was home not working for both Saturday and Sunday.  My thoughts?  I could get used to this ;)

I definitely used the weekend to get caught up on a lot of sleep and all the workouts I missed during the week.

I started out my morning with church :)

I know I live in Florida but why wear a dress in 42 degree weather when you can get away with wearing jeans?

After church I went shopping and bought a new running shirt

It's white and boring but it crisscrosses in the back and fits somewhat loosely which is nice since running pants cut in at awkward places and then the tight running shirts don't hide a thing.
At the Disney expo I bought a fabulous pair of running shorts with red dots all over them (I'm sure you'll see them soon enough) but none of my shirts match.  I know I'm crazy but I just don't like running in things that obviously clash.  The only shirt that matches is blue and I only dress in red white and blue when it's close to the 4th of July.  I promise I really am patriotic.

I also stopped at Publix and bought... wait for it...
Three 17oz "family size" tubs of Sabra Original Hummus (I like to call them "Sharon size"), one container of Publix roasted red pepper hummus and a pack of the travel hummus.  I'm pretty sure the check out lady and bagger boy think I am crazy - which I am so who cares.  I am absolutely addicted to hummus.  One of the 17oz hummus tubs was for my sister but if it had been for me too I still would probably be out of hummus by the end of the week.  I wouldn't be surprised if hummus is running through my veins at this point. 

After scarfing down some hummus in the car (ha, wish I had a picture of this) I picked up Rachel and we ran stadiums for the 3rd time this week!  3 is always our goal but it rarely happens.  We almost always miss for one reason or another.

And last but not least... dun dun dun

I took my Vibrum Fivefingers out for their maiden voyage.

I've heard that it takes awhile to get used to them and to take it really slow at first.  I went for 1.5 miles and... they felt different but not hard and none of my muscles complained.  Maybe it wasn't long enough of a test run.  My only thought was "hm, my feet are kind of cold"

I'll definitely be using them some more during the upcoming week

Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday and I hope the upcoming week treats you well! :)


  1. Dang I am jealous you can run in yours!! I am still doing leg workouts and having to roll out my feet with golf balls ;) I love yours - way cuter than mine!!

  2. I don't know if I should be running in them but I'm not a very patient person. I got them the week before the marathon and had to stare at them and not use them until a week post marathon. My calves ended up being sore most of the week from my few short runs in them. For now I'll definitely just be using them on short runs. I really only wear shoes when I'm outside, even for a lot of my inside workouts I go barefoot so I probably have some strength built up from that.