Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Florida, The Sunshine State

"The Sunshine State"

Uh, huh... LIES! 

It rained all day Sunday, was totally gross out yesterday (no rain but cloudy/threatening rain and muggy all day) and then rained this morning.  I realize I really shouldn't complain.  At least it's not snow.  I know some people would kill for the 68 degree high we're supposed to have today. 

I'm just bummed because I can't seem to fit in my stadium workouts and I really do love those stadium workouts.  I mean common, who doesn't love running up and down stairs?! ;)

It's weeks like this week that I wish I had a gym membership. 

I guess that means it's time to finally get it together, suck it up and sign up to go to the Crossfit gym.  I'm super excited about trying out Crossfit but I really don't want to go alone.  If I had a friend who did Crossfit here it would make going for the first time so much less intimidating.  I know that once I go and get that initial "I'm new and have no idea what I'm doing or who any of you are" out of the way that I will be happy.

In completely unrelated news...

I've recently developed an addiction to nut butters.  I eat them straight out of the jar and end up finishing off the jar in about 2-3 days.  I know, it's crazy.  I started this habit when I was running about 30 miles a week so I told myself it was okay.  Suddenly (or maybe not suddenly, don't remember if it was a problem at first though) the nut butters are just destroying my stomach.  Within 5 minutes of eating a spoonful my stomach starts really protesting and feels so sour and nauseous.  I'm a wimp but last week before I figured out it was the almond butter I would have some before working out and then would end up not working out because my stomach was feeling so terrible. 

I was really enjoying the almond butter so I'm disappointed to find that it's causing me problems.  It's so healthy, I don't understand why my stomach can't seem to digest it.  It's like it just sits there undigested at the top of my stomach turning things sour =/.  I did some "research" on nut butters and apparently I'm not the only one that has this trouble.  However, the only other people who seem to have trouble digesting nut butter are people who have celiac disease.  Uh, what?  Their thought is that they can't process fats because their digestive system has been messed up after years of eating gluten.  I'm pretty positive that I do not have celiac disease and I'm pretty sure it's just the nut butters that I'm having trouble with so I don't think it has anything to do with the ability or inability of my system to digest fats.  Maybe I should try some on or in something instead of straight out of the jar ;).

Any foods that you have trouble with that don't seem to be a problem for others? 

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  1. I live in Florida too so I completely understand your feelings about the rain. Although, I do like the rain when I am trying to sleep...and have nothing to do that day:)

    I have never been lactose intolerant before but lately I'm having a hard time digesting regular milk. It has to be organic,soy,almond or it hurts my stomach. I think this is odd.

    I have never tried almond butter before. After reading your post I'm not sure if I want to but I hope you feel better.