Sunday, August 22, 2010

Relaxing on a rainy evening

Hi everyone :)

(I realize no one reads my blog, this is a greeting in faith)

I painted this picture

This side isn't quite finished.  I got burnt out on sanding and painting and sanding and painting

To start... these pictures really have nothing to do with anything except that I'm relaxing in my room and these are pictures of my room

Isn't it gorgeous???  I love it :)

How is your Sunday going?  I'm relaxing in my bed listening the rain drizzle outside and the distant rumble of thunder.  Perfect Sunday evening! (except it means I won't get my daily walk in).  I'm enjoying a random assortment of food:  Freshly made refried black beans, La Tortilla Factory low carb/high fiber tortillas, and frozen mangoes. 

I've been obsessed with mangoes for the past several weeks.  I bought a pack of 6 of them a few weeks ago at Sam's Club and polished them off in just under a week.  My favorite way to eat them is half way frozen.  They're so juicy and soft that it's almost like eating sorbet, except for way better in taste and of course much healthier.  Today I searched for fresh mango but couldn't find any so instead I settled on pre frozen mangoes.  Not anywhere near as good, but it was my only option :)

So remember yesterday when I was supposed to go for a morning run and I let the few drops of rain scare me away?  I had originally planned to go for a run in the evening instead.  Hah, but you know me and my evening workouts... you guessed it, I backed out.  I kept thinking that I'd be getting in a walk with my mom so when I came home from work instead of getting into my workout clothes I decided to run in the morning.  Then I ate a pretty big dinner.  THEN I found out that my mom wasn't up for a walk (she's had a cold the past few days).  I regretted my decision not to go for a run but at that point it was really too late to go running because of all the food I had just scarfed down. 

The nice thing about missing a run on Saturday is that I can just make it up on Sunday.  Any other day of the week and I would be running stadiums instead and wouldn't be able to make up the run.  However, I have church Sunday mornings so there is limited time.  This morning I woke up though and I followed through.  I'm SO glad I did.

I ran... wait for it...

5.1 MILES!!!!

I'm so excited.  I'm back up to the distance I was running a few years back when I was running about 5 miles a day.  I ran for about 47 minutes straight.  I felt like I could have run even longer but I had to go inside to shower and get ready for church.  Now I'm PUMPED for my Tuesday run.  It couldn't come soon enough!

Once I publish this post I'm going to sit in bed for a few more minutes and then I'm planning to get up and do the P90X stretch.  I think it'll be great after the long(er) run today.

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