Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last day of my recovery week =/

WOW!  I've actually enjoyed my recovery week.  The deal is that tomorrow I'm back to running.  I need to set a goal before I get out there and then STICK TO IT!  I can't wait until things cool down a bit.  I know it's still mid August and I haven't even began to feel heat.  Septembers in Florida are basically hell on earth.  Awful, humid, and SCORCHING!  Not looking forward to it.  I try to get out as early as possible but sometimes it's just really hard to get out of bed that early.  Plus, who really enjoys running several miles right after getting out of bed?  Not me, but the feeling about half way through the run and when I finish is off the charts.  Worth it.  So why is it so hard to get started?

Yesterday I did P90X Cardio X.  It's day 2 of the lean program.  I was not really impressed.  I'm pretty sure it's the very very very watered down alternative to Plyometrics.  I burned plyo the day after P90X came in the mail so going back to a way easy workout did not suit me.  It had a little section from each of the discs.  There was a section on yoga, core synergistics, plyo and kenpo.  Wow, let me tell you... Kenpo is NOT my thing.  I just feel super awkward.  I'm always really conscious of form and actually, really pretty good at form... hafta brag a little ;).  I am NOT good at form at all when I do Kenpo.  I guess I was just not made to fight.  I'll work out it and hopefully get a little less awkward.  I was also reminded in the plyo section how awful I am at sports.  There are two exercises that are sport related in plyo.  In one of the exercises you mime catching a basketball and then jumping to toss it in the basket.  In another one of the exercises you pitch a baseball.  Ugh, I just look and feel SO awkward when I do these.  Even though I really didn't enjoy this one much I thought it fit pretty well into my recovery week.

Today was shoulders and arms and ab ripper x.  Nailed em.  I'm really enjoying some of these bicep exercises.  It just amazes me the amount and variety of ways that you can work the same muscle.  Amazing.  I'm seeing results in my arms and shoulders.  I love it... but dare I say, I'm not so sure about some of the muscles popping up.  In particular, one muscle under my arm, on my back has gotten pretty big and I think it makes me look manly.  Especially when I do ballet poses (which I do several times a week since I teach ballet).  I just don't look graceful.  It's frustrating because I love the muscled look... until it's on me and then I start second guessing.  I'm going to give it a couple weeks, maybe two max and see how things go.  If I really think it's too much then I'm going to back off on all the pullups.  See, it makes me sad :(.  I was so excited about being able to do pullups.  I think girls who can do pullups are super hardcore, and here I may not be doing them.  Bummer.

Tomorrow is Yoga X which will be nice after my run.  The way I had things set up before, I was running and then coming home and doing an intense cardio session.  Dumb I know, but I'm so weak with cardio that I felt like I had to do a ton.  I love doing all the other stuff so I try to force myself to do as much cardio as possible.

Bed time :)

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