Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Want to know how to make the baggers think you're crazy?

Tell them to put the groceries back into the cart without bagging them... what?  I forgot my reusable bags =/

A friend of mine has really got me going on sustainability and taking care of our earth.  I'm working hard to do my part and when I have the choice I try to steer away from one-use items.  Even items that can be recycled... it takes a lot of energy to recycle.  I don't mean it takes a lot of energy to put items in the recycling bin - that one is pretty easy.  I mean to actually recycle the item - crush it, melt it, whatever else they do (I am definitely not a recycling expert).

This means reusable bags (I know that's not weird, everyone does that now), bringing some kind of storage container when I go to restaurants so I don't have to get a take out box, not buying bottles of water... there are a million other things I could and should do but this is what I'm focusing on so far. 

In other news...

Last week I decided to look up shin splints.  I've been dealing with shin splints for the past several weeks.  Kind of strange since I didn't have any while training for the marathon...

I didn't think they were that big of a deal.  They're a really common injury and I thought you just ran through them, iced them and foam rolled.  Well... apparently what's actually happening is that your muscles are becoming detached from the shin bone.  Uhh, yeah, that doesn't sound too good. 

So I talked to a physical therapist friend of mine and she told me all kinds of fun stuff I could do to help with the shin splints.  Like a good little patient I've been following all of her instructions.

I iced
and iced
and iced some more

The worst part was when I took ice cubes and massaged my shins with them trying to break up scar tissue that apparently accumulates when you get shin splints

I also foam rolled my shins until I thought I was going to die - I have a really high pain tolerance and this was pretty intense.

Then before I go to bed I massage my shins with Icy Hot and wrap my legs with ace bandages in such a way the the muscle that has been pulling away from the shin will reattach.

This is actually really nice.  I fall asleep with a nice soothing, cooling feeling in my legs.  What is not so fun is pulling the self adhesive ace bandages off of my legs in the morning.  Now that is all kinds of burning torture but totally my fault for buying the self adhesive bandages in the first place.

With all of the craziness going down I haven't been out running for a whole week.  I'm feeling tons better and tomorrow I'm planning on a nice long run.

In the meantime I've been doing the usual: stadiums and weights.

Stadiums Monday

Stadiums Tuesday

Obviously super thrilled about stadiums two days in a row.  I was in a better mood by the time I got there.

Also really thrilled about my awkward pants.  I just don't understand why they're so much longer in the back...
And why I bought them in the first place

Legs & back - I love stretching, I love stretching... hmm, if I repeat it, will I believe it?  Pretty sure my shin splints are because I got lazy with stretching. 

Super creepy shot of pull ups.  For the record, I was trying to smile at the camera.  I promise I'm not possessed by demons.  I hope not anyway ;)

Shoulders, biceps, triceps

The best part about working out at home?

Your work out clothes don't even have to match a little

Someday when I point you'll actually be able to see my guns :)

Have you ever had shin splints?  Have any suggestions how to make them better quickly and how to prevent them in the first place?  

I've pretty much decided it's because I haven't been stretching as much and possibly because I ran too far too fast in new shoes but I'll take any tips you have! :) 

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