Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Yeah, so this is that Easter post I talked about... several days late.  What's new - I'm a total blog slacker.

This is going to read kind of like a race day post.  I can't help it.

I woke up at my normal time - 4:15AM, had coffee, wasn't hungry because who eats at 4:15 AM.  I did some core exercises because that always seems to help with balance the day of the performance.  I packed everything up for the dance (makeup, hair stuff, the clothes I was wearing) and everything for after the dance (read: normal clothes).  French twisted my hair, sprayed hair spray into my hair until it was rock hard, put on half of my face (er, makeup) and left at 6:30. 

I was supposed to be on stage ready to dance by 7:15 and I knew I was going to have to park way far away so I left a ton of time.

Everything went smoothly including the dance which you can see here

I start offstage and run on half way through.  I end up on the right of center. 

I'm starting to wonder why I had to write a whole post about Easter because I'm realizing that pretty much nothing exciting happened.  However, I have pictures!  That's why...

After church I went out to lunch with my dad, mom, little brother Philip and Rachel.  I convinced them to go with me to The Top (read: super indie/almost hippie, trendy eatery).  My dad was a little freaked out but seemed to warm up to the idea after tasting the vegan blueberry coffeecake french toast. 

I got to the restaurant about 15 minutes before everyone else
So of course self portraits ensued

This is a shot of the patio at the restaurant.  Sometime when it is definitely NOT really hot outside then I'll have to eat back there. 

I got the same thing I did last time
Falafel burger on a pretzel roll with sweet potato fries and fruit

And family bonding happened

Philip and my mom (check out creeper mc creep face in the background)

My dad and I

My favorite sister in the whole world.

Can I just say, Easter is no fun when there are no kids around to give Easter baskets to and have Easter egg hunts. 


  1. you're so pretty :-)

    I have a MAJOR weakness for sweet potato fries!

  2. Thanks Laury! :) The fake eyelashes don't hurt ;) I would wear them everyday in real life if I felt I could get away with it.

    I found out I also have a major weakness for sweet potato fries. I like to think they're healthier but I guess once you fry something in oil it pretty much negates any of the health benefits.

    Hey, I'm headed your way in June. Any good restaurants you would recommend in the Philadephia area? I'm visiting West Chester.