Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Top

I used to complain all the time about how boring my town was and how there was nothing unique at all that I could show out-of-towners.  Well, apparently I'm dead wrong - at least when it comes to cool restaurants.  I thought chain restaurants were our only options but I've been finding out recently that there are really a lot of cool places to eat. 

This morning I went to church

For the first time in... well a really long time, I actually wore the first thing I put on.  Am I the only one who needs to try on like 5 outfits before deciding on one?

Believe it or not I DID actually just vacuum this carpet - obviously I should never make a career out of vacuuming

New funky tribal looking earrings.

Crazy eyebrows. 

After church I had lunch with my friends Kristen and Alexis and Kristen's best friend Amy

Kristen, me and Alexis (not from today)

We went to The Top - OH MY GOSH most amazing place EVER!!!!
To be honest, this review is based off of me rarely ever going to a place that caters to vegans/vegetarians.  Usually I have to get salad everywhere I go, it gets super boring.  I can usually only find one or two items that I can have.  It was so overwhelming to have a whole menu to choose from.  Now I know how normal people feel ;)

It pretty much encompasses everything I love

It has great atmosphere, is super kitchsy and mismatched in a non-tacky way
According to The Top's ambiance is: Hipster, Romantic, Trendy, Touristy, Casual

And has some pretty unique wait staff - sadly they weren't wearing the beards today ;)

I had a hard time choosing what to get but ended up with a falafel burger, fresh fruit and sweet potato fries that I shared with the table.  Everything was DELICIOUS!  I am in love.

After today's adventure I'm really excited to go back but also to try out some other places around town. 

Currently I'm trying to resist the Sunday Afternoon Nap
Never ends well...
I'm always left feeling really groggy all day.  It's so hard though, I'm really draggy after babysitting until 12:30 last night. 

I hope you all had a great weekend!

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