Thursday, April 28, 2011

Food Baby

You know those days when you eat like you just ran 10 miles but really you only ran two?  Usually they end something like this...

But in all honesty, I'd pay money to look like this pregnant

Turns out when I posted an ad for "Running Partner" I should have specified LONG DISTANCE running partner.  After driving 30 minutes I ran for less than 20 for 2 measly, slow miles. 

Boooo - if it had just been me I would have done 6 and wouldn't have even had any travelling time.  Back to the drawing board.  Now how to let this guy down easily... without saying "Uh, you suck at running so I want to run by myself."  Okay, I don't mean that.  You'd think when I mentioned in the ad that I'm running 1000 miles this year that people would get that I run a lot and far. 

Oh well.

I had a much better time later at the park with my good friend "C"... he really does know how to smile I promise.  That juice must have tasted delicious, I couldn't get him to take a break to give me a good smile.

And after stuffing myself silly all day I finally decided I needed to do some damage control.  Arms and shoulders?  Yes. 

Still feel like I'm carrying food baby though.  If only cutting salt out of my diet was easy but it is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do (IE: It's so hard that I'm not really even trying).  When I was younger Playdoh was on my food pyramid.  A little embarrassing to admit, yes, but it explains why I have a salt addiction.

I had a cup of regular coffee about an hour ago in hopes of getting super crazy tonight and going out way past my bedtime for a girls night with some good friends of mine.  Now it's storming like crazy and all I want to do is go to sleep. 

I wonder how much they'll care if I go in above outfit and don't fix my hair or makeup...


  1. It's only a crazy time if there's a mullet wig! I'll bring next time - I'm sure my invite just got lost in the mail or something...

    My mom used to make homemade playdoh w regular baking ingredients bc one of the kids she sat for always ate it. It was a boy, or else I'd ask if it was you.

  2. I think you're right about that mullet wig. The only crazy part about the night was that I stayed up til 3 am when my real bedtime is 9:30. I'll make sure your invite gets there next time!

    I won't say at what age (don't worry, it was a long time abgo) but I've made myself homemade playdoh...but not to play with. I can't believe I turned out as normal as I did.

  3. Love the food baby! I have a problem cutting soda!

  4. haha, thanks. It's a special "talent" of mine ;). It usually just grosses people out though.

    If you need help cutting the soda I have a really scary youtube video you could watch. I went cold turkey after seeing it and haven't had a drop since. Hmm... maybe I should look up a video about how bad salt is for you.