Monday, April 11, 2011

The Loot

I should warn you before you read more: This post is all about me.  I mean, really, they all are but this one even more so.  If you're not in the mood to see a bunch of self-timer self portraits then you should probably go somewhere else.  If you do want a good laugh though you should scan to the bottom of the page and take a look at my "bloopers" - who am I kidding, pretty much all my photos are bloopers.

I went shopping on Thursday with my mom and grandmother and then I hit up a few stores on Saturday and finished up the week with a stop on Sunday.  Did I need anything?  Uh... not at all. 

Remember in middle school and high school when you bought clothes from Wal-Mart and tried to pretend they were from some really expensive store in the mall?  Oh... that was just me?

Well now I buy clothes from Wal-Mart (okay, not true, I just buy cheap clothes) and I brag about it.  In my mind the less money you pay for an item of clothing the more valuable it really is.

(aka my favorite store)
Scarf - $5.50

Goes well with skirt/shorts and probably jeans

Super comfy pants for $8.50... sadly they make my legs look like tree trunks (did I mention I have 4 of them in various colors?  Oops)

Cream top that I also have in red - $11.50 - want to hear something kind of pathetic?  I almost never ever pay that much for just a shirt.  I'm moving up in the world.

Plato's Closet
If you've never heard of Plato's then... well, you're missing out big time.  Basically you pay dollars and pennies for gently used name brand clothing.  This is my kind of store.  You can also sell your clothes there, also for near nothing. 

Really comfy, long tank with small pocket for dance (and sleeping, yes please) - $2.40

Basically my favorite shirt in the entire world.  Now I have it in three colors.  I still want more. $5.60, shorts $4



This shirt for $3.20

On Sunday I hit up another one of my favorite places in the world:
TJ Maxx Homegoods

Shirt for $7.99

The front

The back.  $10 - originally $58.  Who the heck pays these prices?

Running capris - $19.99

Now I am forbidding myself to set foot in a clothing store for... well, at least a week


I really have no words of explanation... it is a little odd that all the really bad pictures happened with these pants

Okay, I promise not to post this many pictures of myself all at once ever again ;)

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