Monday, April 25, 2011

How to make your neighbors think you're crazy

I just realized I haven't posted in about a week.  Oops! 

I completely forgot about blogs, I haven't even been reading any!  Why?  Cause I've been dancing for about 3 hours everyday.

I'm involved in a dance team at my church (what?!  Dance at church?  I know... we're heathens).  Maybe that sounds strange to you but at my church we believe in using all of your talents to honor God.

But now the Easter dance is done and I have my Thursdays back and don't have any last minute 3 hour practices on weekends to worry about either.  Yay!  I love dancing and I feel so guilty that I'm glad to be done because dance is really my first love but now all I really want to do is run and dancing is getting in the way of that.

This isn't a youtube video so I can't just insert it into the post.  The easter dance should be posted soon but all I've got now is the Christmas dance.  I start in the middle.

Christmas Dance

Despite my crazy week last week I still managed to get a lot done

What am I doing you ask?  Uh... good question.
Lesson learned: don't dance while you're waiting on the automatic picture timer
Before my run...

10 miles later and alllllll I want is something cold to drink.

After that I went to a new running store to try to solve some issues I've been having.  I wanted to know if all of my random injuries are because my shoes don't fit properly.  Good news, I guess, is that my shoes fit great and I have a very very neutral foot and that I have a midfoot strike (without even trying - awesome).  The guy who helped me did sell me some orthotics to put in my shoe that will apparently help my IT band problem (which I haven't actually had trouble with lately at all).

While I was there, in typical Sharon style I bought a ton of other things too.

Those magical shoe inserts that will take away my knee pain

"The Stick" which is actually not supposed to be used as a baseball bat.  This fun thing is basically like a portable foam roller.  My favorite part is that I can use it while I'm in bed.  I dislike the foam roller cause I actually have to get out of bed to use it.  I am obviously a walking contradiction - I love to run but I really really love to sit in my bed all day.

These super cute styling compression sleeves.  I'm regretting my choice of white cause now they're kind of grey.  I've only worn them twice...

They also talked me into ANOTHER shirt - just what I need...

And now: how to make your neighbors think you're crazy

Completely unmatching outfit, unbrushed hair, no make up, no bra, shins wrapped in ace bandages, no shoes:  Cleaning your car

They should know by now...

I finished up the week with two more 6 milers

Hey week:  Whatcha got?  I'm ready for it, bring it on.

I hope all of you had a great Easter weekend.  Hopefully I'll be back later today to catch up on some posting and tell you all about my Easter weekend.

In the meantime:  I recently "liked" Runner's World Magazine on facebook.  Recently they posted about running with allergies.  The second part of their post mentioned not re-wearing the same workout clothes.  Well, I don't have allergies so I don't have to worry about that at all but a lot of people posted about how re-wearing workout clothes is absolutely disgusting.  At this point I have so many workout clothes that I really should wear different ones just to get my moneys worth out of it but in general I don't think recycling clothes is that gross.  Am I crazy?  What does it matter if you're just going to sweat and get them dirty again anyways?

I want to know what you think!


  1. i love that your church has dances for the holiday... too fun! must post a video!

    and on the workout clothes, i would totally re-wear but i'm a sweaty man and my clothes STINK after i workout. the only thing can rewear is my sports bras. and well, i can sometimes redo a top.

  2. here's the link:

    Since it's not hosted on youtube I don't know how to insert the video into the blog post.