Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh Hey There

I'm way overdue on a blog post.  I've been meaning to post for the past several days.  I even have photos to prove it!

On Friday (and Monday) I played with Cole and his adorable little brother Will

On Saturday I played with Dylan and Alyssa

...On second thought maybe letting them jump off of the sofa isn't the best idea in the world...

On Tuesday I played with Sophia who was super grumpy after having a bad cough and fever... uh oh, I sure hope I didn't give that to her

And I got to visit with her sweet sister Ava for about an hour :)

I'm a babysitting machine!  

I'll be back later to tell you all about how good it feels to be well and not sick anymore and how great it feels to MOVE again.  Last week I literally only logged 600 calories on my heart rate monitor.  Not a big deal and worth it since I felt awful most of last week but pretty pitiful considering I usually have a week total of 3000-5000.

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