Friday, February 11, 2011

My Day in Pictures

Cause really, who has time to type it all out?

Lets just say, I did not get everything (or even most) of what I planned to get done today done.  Sad.  Tomorrow and Sunday I better kick some butt to make up for my 2 very lazy days.

Started off my morning the way I always start it:  3 cups of coffee.  Okay, I'm exaggerating a little bit.  Usually 2 cups.  It's just so delicious I can't resist.

Slept in make-up from last night.  Also, shirt that I wore last night.  My mom asked this morning "Are those your pajamas?"

My answer?  Mom, the best clothes are the ones that can double as legit clothes that you wear in the daytime and as comfortable pajamas.  I stand by this answer.

But really I'm just too tired (lazy) at night to put on my actual pajamas.

Check out the mess that I sometimes call my bedside table.  This is just out of control.  On my to-do list for today was to clean my room.  Yeah... that didn't happen.  I did clean up my bedside table though.  I guess I should explain, the toilet paper was from when I was sick.  We ran out of tissues.

I started out the day on a good note, things just went down hill after 30 minutes of P90X Back and Biceps

Assisted pull ups - I can actually do a whopping 3 unassisted but these are all assisted

Stopped 30 minutes in to start getting ready to go babysit. 

My latest addiction (today's lunch): Acorn squash sliced in half and baked face down for about an hour

Mashed with a splash of almond milk, a pinch of sugar a pinch of salt and a bunch of cinnamon.  Yummy!

Smokey likes it too.  I swear, this cat was a dog in a past life.  He will eat anything.  I thought he was just going to smell it and I caught him right before he tried to take a lick.

He tried so hard to get some.  At this point I was making him do this but he was doing this before I even offered him some.

The only other semi-productive thing that I did...

I know, I look like I'm being super productive.  This was after an hour of playing outside while waiting for the realtor to come over and show the house.  We were tired.

Tomorrow I will get a run in.  This must happen.  No more planning and then not following through. 

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