Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Workout Wednesday

You know how I usually promise a post later in the day and never follow through? 

I like to change things up every now and again ;)

So far this week has been so great.  It's amazing how a week of feeling yuck makes you appreciate the normal when it returns.  I am so thankful for my health and that I am usually very healthy.  I have really enjoyed MOVING again this week.  With the massive amounts of rain we had last week and my cold I basically just sat in bed all day for multiple days in a row.  This is so not me - I enjoyed it for about a day and then I was itching to get out and run again.

First thing Monday morning I got out for a 3 mile run.  Not much of a run but all I could fit in before work.  It's a good thing I fit it in early too because after that the rainpocolypse started.  Sadly I cannot take credit for coining this word.  My amazing and wonderful friend Kelly came up with it:

Rainpocalypse: Noun. Weather event created by conditions similar to those that cause a snowpocalypse, but the precipitation has not quite reached freezing point. Characterized by massive flooding, copious car accidents, and a common belief that the sun no longer exists.

After dance on Monday I came home and did P90X Legs & Back.  Love working legs... always get sore
The entire backside of my legs (and mostly my butt) are still sore from this Monday workout.  Don't know why, I only missed a week...

On Tuesday the rain finally cleared up and we had the first clear and sunny day in what feels like forever.  It was so gorgeous outside!  Cool, clear and sunny.  Unfortunately I had a crazy day and couldn't get in a run.  I'm not supposed to run on Tuesdays anyways but I would have gone just so I could get some of that awesome weather.  I did do stadiums in the morning though but at that point it was still fairly overcast. 

After teaching dance Tuesday afternoon I came home and did P90X Plyo.  This is really quite a feat for me.  I always plan to workout after dance and then get home and decide that I'll catch up on another day and then by the end of the week I always have "catch up" workouts that never end up getting done.  Not only did I get a workout in, I got Plyo in.  I love plyo but doing it week after week after week... it's not exactly something I look forward to.

Pretty sure this was after plyo... I don't look sweaty at all.  I ALWAYS get sweaty during plyo.  This can only mean one thing - I took a lot of breaks.  I did, I'm not going to lie.  Mentally I wasn't all in for this workout... this is what happens when I workout in th evening

This morning I woke up early to run stadiums.  I scraped ice off of my windshield with a cd.  RIP Christie Dupree EP.  I promise when your real CD comes out I will buy it to replace the one I used to clean the windshield.  Actually, I'm pretty sure it still works fine but I felt a little guilty.  The CD had been home burned and the name was written with permanent marker.  I doubt anyone who reads my blog knows who Eisley is but if you do... Christie Dupree is their younger sister and she has an incredible voice.

This is my "It's 32 degrees out" face
Also: different gloves than Tuesday
On Tuesday I had a glove casualty.  I stopped in at the bathroom at the stadium and accidently dropped a glove in the toilet.  After toilet fishing I soaked the glove in globs of soap, drowned it in water and then wrapped it up in about 5 feet of paper towels.  I brought it with me and left it under some of the bleachers, expecting to pick it up on my way out.  Sadly, when I finished, the big wad of paper towels was nowhere to be found.  After about 5 minutes of looking all over I finally decided someone had come along and thought it was just trash and threw it away.  Thankfully this story has a happy ending - I found it right on top in the first trash can I looked in.  Toilet fishing and garbage fishing all in the same day... I have no words.

It was so gorgeous out today that I made my planned short run into a long run.  I did 10 easy miles today.  What a glorious way to enjoy a beautiful day!

Post run:  I don't know what my problem was today but I could not get this picture right.  Trust me when I say this is the best one.  The other attempts were headless of only half of my body.  You would think I've never done this before or something...

I don't know if you can tell from this picture (I see it but maybe it's just me?)
Check out my right knee (left in this picture)
See the awkward tan line from my brace?  Oops...

Check it out up close:

At first I didn't mind but now it's really getting obvious... and it's basically shorts season right now.  It was in the 70s today.  Can you belive it?  Florida is crazy - 32 degrees in the morning and 3 hours later it's 66.  What the heck, Florida?

When I came home from teaching dance today I finished up my crazy day with some time in pushup land.  My favorite :).  I'm just lying, I really don't love it.  I like pushups but not that many...
P90X Chest, Shoulders and Triceps.  I really just wanted to even out the soreness, can't wait til tomorrow =/

And that's it, all caught up.  Check out the gorgeous day we had today!  My camera is not good quality at all so it doesn't do the beautiful day justice at all... but it's all I've got :)

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