Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm really good at... shopping

Last night I got two exciting packages in the mail... aren't all packages that come in the mail exciting?

I think I have a problem.  I have bribed myself more than I'd like to admit to finish a long run.  If I'm struggling at about mile 10 with several more in front of me I start to try various ways to convince myself to finish.  The main one and the one that often gets me through is promises of new stuff.  One time it was a running hat, another time running shoes, more workout clothes - you get the idea. 

Well, my newest purchase wasn't actually a bribe.  This probably means I've gotten worse.  Now I'm just buying things without even making myself work for them.  Oh well, hopefully this one will make me work. 

I got a fantastic deal on this little baby:

The Garmin Forerunner 405 - $177 :)

I've heard fantastic things about it and am soooo excited to have it.  I've been using a polar heart rate monitor that wasn't made specifically for running.  I'll probably keep it and use it to track calories burned during crosstraining activities or I'll give it to Rachel who has been asking (very nicely) to have it when I get a new one. 

I just can't wait to try out the garmin and to be able to know my pace at any and all times during a run.  I think my favorite part will be not mapping all of my runs online beforehand.  It will be so freeing to just go out and run. 

Can you tell I'm pumped?

My other purchases were from forever21.  I will basically never be able to wear adult size clothing unless something crazy happens, I have the body of a 12 year old.  For now I'm taking full advantage of this fact and buying all kinds of cheap clothes from juniors stores.  Forever21 is my favorite.  Sadly, I realize that someday I will still probably fit in these clothes, I'll just be too old to wear them.  Yes, I'm talking about my addiction to headbands with bows on them.  Give it a few years and I'll just look ridiculous wearing them.
Nothing perks you up on a bad day more than some retail therapy. 

I bought several pairs of workout pants/capris for under $13 - not for all 4, each.  One was $7.50.  Seriously, how do you beat that?

Then I got several of these cardigans for $6.50 - amazing

Not so amazing: my faces... and this pose.  Pretty sure I was trying to demonstrate that this kept me warm... which really it doesn't.  I don't even know. 

Sadly, the pants didn't pass the "bend over" test.  All workout pants should stay opaque when you bend over.  Forever21 workout pants do not =/.  What a rip off.  Except not, since they are so inexpensive.  Oh well, I'll take it. 

More earrings that I will never wear.  Love earrings and hardly ever wear them, so of course I should buy 5 pairs.  All under $2.80.  They better be considering I will probably only wear them a handful of times.  I should change that.  But really, would you take me seriously if I showed up to a babysitting job wearing these? 

No, I wouldn't take anyone wearing five pairs of earrings seriously either.  How do you even do that?

Okay, so I meant just one pair.  Still, they're like baby magnets and I like my ears with holes, not rips. 

Garmin is all charged, it's a nice day out, today is a run day.  I better get this thing done!

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