Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Homemade Green Monster

I've been drinking Odwalla for weeks now

It's delicious... and super expensive

Well, last night I started to feel super guilty about the large unopened bag of spinach that I had purchased that was on the verge of going bad.

My options were pretty limited:  A bunch of cooked spinach, a large spinach salad... or...


I've heard people raving about these things and just haven't gotten around to trying one out myself so I popped a banana in the freezer last night and then this morning...

Mine is nowhere near as beautiful a color green as hers.

Almond milk, ground flax seed, spinach and frozen banana

It was super creamy and kind of... well, bland
I added some Vega chocolate powder and about a tsp of stevia and that seemed to sweeten it up a bit.
I realized I'm not really a big fan of creamy, milkshake like smoothies.  I prefer a fruity, tangy flavor. 

Promise it tastes better than my face indicates

All of this happened yesterday but blogspot is dumb and wouldn't let me upload any photos so I went to bed instead.  After my semi success with the green monster yesterday I was itching to try again, this time with more fruit. 

All I had on hand were some frozen blueberries

I omitted the almond milk this time and used some vitamin water zero instead.  After I blended everything up it still tasted a little bland.  I ended up adding a splash of lemon juice - I think this will be my "secret" ingredient from now on.

I think I may be hooked... on my way home from teaching tonight I stopped at the store and picked up pineapples and peaches.  Tonight's concoction?  I call it Tropical (green) Breeze

Ahhh!  Look at the pretty green color!  Inside: The orange flavored vitamin water zero, spinach, ground flax seeds, pineapple, peaches, banana, a splash of almond milk and a splash of lemon juice.  Mmmm... soooo good.

Well, this week I have done no running whatsoever.  Last week I ran 30 miles - this week 0.  Hmm.  Perfect for the week of a race, right?  Uh, not ideal.  I got something in the mail today that might help get me running tomorrow... I'll share that tomorrow :)

Happy hump day!  Hope the rest of your week is much more productive than the first half of mine has been.  Time to kick it into gear!

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