Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why I have to marry a rich man...

I LOVE saving money and I love getting good deals... or at least I used to.

Suddenly I am spending all of my money on food and I'm not really giving it a second thought.  I figure now is the time to do it when I'm living at home mooching off of my parents hospitality with no husband and no kids.  That being said, there's a good chance that unless I find someone who rakes in the big bucks, at some point I will have to stop living so frivolously and go back to the basics.  I don't want to give up my health food store addiction!

Today I spent 62.92 - I meant to pick up "a few things" - I only bought 8 items but wow, it adds up fast when you're buying organic and all natural. 

I'm planning to make it official on April 1st and go Vegan!  I realized today that April 1st is April Fools Day.  It's not a joke though, I really am going Vegan on that day.  I'm taking the rest of this month to ween myself off of dairy... like I ever really consumed much in the first place.  It shouldn't be that hard.  Right now I have 2 blocks of almond cheese in the fridge that have milk casein in them... whatever that is.  I've been LOVING Maranatha's Dark Chocolate Almond Spread but it has milk in it.  Oh, and I have some fish oil pills that I've been taking.  The whole point of today's trip was to pick up some vegetarian capsules.

Well, after much searching I found only two tiny bottles, each around $25 of capsules that not only had non-animal sources of Omega 3's but also didn't have some form of glycerin or gelatin in the capsule.  Well, $25 later I am set in that department. 

I also found some chocolate almond butter that was milk free - Yay!!!  Too bad it costs $12.  I did end up buying some.  Two actually, but only because they were buy one get one free.  I think I got a really good deal but that's still a lot of money to spend. 

Speaking of money and needing to find a rich man so that I can continue my consumption of super expensive foods: A woman I babysit for promised me she would lookout for a resident where her husband works to set me up with..  I kind of laughed at her and agreed because, well, I'm lame and never meet any guys.  I didn't expect her to find one so quickly!  It's been a few weeks and she's found me someone.  I don't know too much about him, just that he's 28 (I'm 2 months away from 23) and that he's a resident in urology.

I think I'm super awkward around guys but I guess I should give this a try?  If nothing else I can at least be able to say that I've had a blind date before... and by blind date I mean we will exchange pictures beforehand.  I'm not sure if I should go through with it though - one of my absolute musts is that the guy has to love Jesus a lot.  I have no idea whether this guy does/does not but it seems like a wasted date to me if he does not.  What do you think - should I go or should I find some excuse? 

After my expensive trip to the health food store I stopped in at the mall.  We recently got a much bigger Forever21 in our mall and I've been reading status updates on facebook all about it for the past several weeks so I finally caved and decided to check it out today.

It is HUGE.  Now our Gainesville mall is super tiny and I haven't really been shopping anywhere with lots of big stores so my "huge" forever21 might actually be pretty normal sized but to me it went on and on forever.  It was really overwhelming and I'm still not sure at all what the organization of the whole thing was at all or even if it was organized.  Whatever the case was, I ended up finding more than I wanted to find to buy.

New shirt: anything with pockets is a winner in my book

3 pairs of the same pants.  I'm pretty sure I already have enough lounge/active pants but you just can't beat $8.50, super comfy, pretty cute and I can wear them to bed, to teach ballet and various other activities if I don't feel like wearing real clothes

A pair of hoochie shorts that will be restricted to indoor use only.  How could I pass up $3.50 though?

In case you weren't aware, I actually model in my spare time.  This is me giving you my fiercest, most couture pose and facial expression.  Notice the dress is on top of the tank (and shorts).  I'm not keeping this one.  I didn't try it on because I had already waited to get into a dressing room for 30 minutes and wasn't about to do it again.  My mom told me this dress allllllmost bordered on looking okay - I'll take that as a no.  Thanks Mom for the always brutally honest opinion!

New shirt - not to be worn with these grunge shorts :)

And last but not least... my new setup.  Keyboard still not working so my dad brought me home a keyboard from his work... that I will be using until he remembers that he brought it home.  I feel really discombobulated though, I keep trying to type on the old keyboard.  I still have to use the mouse on the laptop so having the keyboard separated from the mouse is a strange feeling.


  1. I just wrote about the grocery shopping bill myself this weekend!! Going to those "fancy" healthy stores is too expensive :( - darn.

    Love the name of your blog.

  2. bakingnbooks - I had a good laugh reading your post: makes me feel good to know I'm not the only one who feels guilty for spending the money but gives into the urge anyways.

    besswess - Thanks, I love it too! Or the idea of it anyway... it's totally my style, I love the color and I love the top of the dress. The bottom is a little long on me and full, it makes me look boxy. It looks pretty cute in the picture, I'll have to give it one more try with a belt but I think it's just a little too big for me and it was the smallest size they had.