Saturday, March 19, 2011

Out of Commission

No, I'm not playing scrabble with my keyboard keys...

My laptop keyboard started malfunctioning on Thursday.  It started out with a few stuck keys and within a couple of minutes was so bad that anytime I tried to type something the keyboard took over and spewed letters all over the place.  I thought maybe turning off the computer would help - I haven't been able to get passed the log-in screen since then.

So I did what any one with a 6 year old laptop that hasn't been cleaned would do... I performed surgery on my laptop.  I took the keyboard apart and cleaned all the gunk and junk out from under the keys (um, gross)

The keyboard is nice and clean after much dust, hair and crumb removal
Sadly, it's still not working.
Now a lot of keys work but a lot of them don't.
It seems really random and I can't figure out why half of a row will work and the other half won't and then I restart the computer and the row that did work suddenly doesn't work and the half that wasn't working now works.  What the heck???

I'm not very hopeful - I just can't imagine the computer making a full recovery.  I'm so glad this happened when it did though.  A year ago I would have been freaking out!  There is nothing like having several papers due when you're computer is broken.

Not that I'm ever up for shelling out $600-$1000 for a new laptop but if it had to happen, now is a good time.

In other news:

Rachel and I made it to stadiums twice this week.  Last week was Rachel's spring break and she was out of town.  Of course I could have gone by myself but when it comes to stadiums I'm pretty unmotivated without her.  It was so great to be back though.  I think it was Monday that I thought to myself "wow, I've really missed running up these stairs and feeling so completely out of breath"

Evidence that I am completely crazy because those thoughts were entirely serious.

I don't get much use out of this shirt because I feel awkward wearing it if I'm not working out but it's not made out of tech material and sort of rides up so I don't wear it when I go running either.  I love it though.  For someone who has often striven towards "skinny" and sometimes done some not so healthy things to achieve that goal "strong" is a much healthier goal to strive towards.  A quote that perfectly describes where I am in my life right now is "I once ran to stay in shape, now I stay in shape so I can run."

Speaking of running:

I've been running a lot during the week and then when the weekend rolls around I log an average of 0 miles.  This is such a huge difference from when I was marathon training because Saturday was my long run and at the end of training I was doing 22 miles on Saturday.  It's crazy how much things have changed.  I'm kind of terrified of any distances longer than 15 miles now.  One of these days I'm gonna go out and run 16 miles just to throw my body a curve ball ;).

I've heard a lot of people complaining about the time change and saying that their body hasn't adjusted yet.  I thought mine had but I'm starting to realize that me not being able to pull myself out of bed in the morning and getting to bed late is actually my body not adjusting to the time change.  The non-adjusting is making it difficult to get in my running.  I need to convince myself that running in the dark is a good thing.  Once I do that I just need to find myself a bodyguard and/or dog who can beat up anyone who tries to hurt me while I'm running in the dark.

Cause 80 degrees is just not working.  It's not even humid yet - I am going to die.

My true feelings about the planned 10 mile run that turned into a super sucky 6 mile run and left me so I didn't want to do anything this morning. 

I'm off to a super fun day of non-stop babysitting.  It's a good thing I love kids ;).  Who needs a long run when you can chase around kids all day?

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