Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Whole New Level

Guess what's new to Netflix watch instantly? 

Jersey Shore, Season 2

I can't believe I am watching this garbage.  I feel dirty watching it.  I don't even mean because they go to gross clubs and bring home trashy girls every night... no I mean I feel like their house is gross and they never take showers.  I'm sure this isn't true but I feel like I need to take a shower after watching it.  You're probably wondering why I'm even watching it if I feel this way.  Like I said, I've reached a whole new level or maybe I should say a whole new low.

Yesterday I skipped my long run and went back to sleep and slept in til 2:30.  This is insane.  I NEVER sleep past 9.  Usually waking up at 7 is late for me.  I was in a funk all day, I didn't want to do anything.  Rachel finally made me run stadiums around 6.  I'm finally out of the funk I've been in the past couple days but when I went to go running this morning it was raining.  Foiled again =/.

The good news is that next week I have tons of time to get caught up on running.  I will make this happen!

I really want to get on a normal posting schedule too - goal for next week: at least 5 posts.  I can do it!  Quick recap of the week:

Today is A's dedication at church.  I love this little girl, I can't wait :)

Monday with my girls - check out those chubby cheeks.  She has the best kissing cheeks in the world!

I had a great start to the week - 7 miles on Tuesday night after dance, 10 miles on Wednesday in my new SkinnyRunner shirt "It's not about vanity, it's about sanity"

Does this mean that I worked hard or that my shoes don't fit?

I'm using the same exact shoe I've been using for months, just a new shoe

Does that even make sense?  I bought several pairs and just switched pairs.

I think this just means they need to be broken in.  I sure hope so...

Three days of early stadiums this week.  You can tell I'm tired.  Mornings are obviously not a good look for me ;)

I've bought a lot of hummus this week.  Can you tell I like hummus?
Mmm, these are all so gooooood.

I played with L twice this week.  He is hilarious.  He just turned two and he talks up a storm!  If he doesn't want to do something he says "No way" - I realize this shouldn't be funny but I think it's so funny!  I tell him "yes way" and then make him do it.  Whenever his parents come home he clings to me and then cries when I have to leave.  I won't lie, this makes me feel really good.  His parents are probably not too happy though.

This little guy was fun...
And by fun I mean he cried a lot and spit up so many times I had to use several burp cloths and changed his outfit twice.  He's usually super laid back so this was a little out of the ordinary.  His mom thought he might be teething but after I told her he seemed to be throwing up more than normal she thought he might have something like reflux :(.  I hope not but whatever it is I hope they figure it out soon.  It's no fun to have a crying baby that won't calm down no matter what you do.

I love cuddling with this sweetie!  When I first started watching him he was only a few weeks old and slept constantly.  He still sleeps a lot but I've had about an hour of him being really alert which was fun.

Baby A has the sweetest little kissing cheeks but Will for sure has the best little kissy lips.

I had a great week last week.  Super busy but fun.  I love kids and I had a lot of fun with all of them last week but I'm excited that I'm not babysitting everyday this up coming week. 


  1. Your girls are beautiful! So are you!!

    Oh and Jersey Shore...yes, it's a dirty addiction, but I am addicted to it. The toilet though, I am telling you, I had to close my eyes during those scenes. NASTYNESS!

  2. Thanks Laury!! "My girls" are not actually mine but I've been babysitting for their family since before they were born and was at the hospital hours after they were born I like to think of them as my girls ;)

    I like to know that I'm not the only one that can't help myself when it comes to shows like Jersey Shore :)

  3. Shame on you for only running with slow-pokes to make yourself feel awesome...

    j/k it's a brilliant plan I'm breaking up with SR.