Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekend Plans and Week Summary

I realize I have been completely MIA this week.  On top of a crazy busy week the keyboard I was using to replace the keyboard on my laptop that stopped working was only here for the evening and my Dad took it back to work with him the next morning.

My sister brought me a mini laptop that I used to use for school but that I had been letting her borrow.  I've been using the mini laptop most of the week but it just doesn't really work out well for blog posts (ie: no way to upload photos).

Even though I didn't post I took photos everyday.  These are probably all going to be about 10x more boring than usual because they're all going to get posted in this post AND I'm not even going to explain any of them.

I'm leaving in 20 minutes for the weekend.  Last minute I decided to go on retreat with the sorority I was in during college.  One of my really good friends is the speaker at retreat and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to see her.  I haven't told that many girls that I'm coming so I'm hoping to surprise some people... in a good way.  Hopefully they'll be excited and not like "what the heck is she doing here?" ;).

So just imagine how amazing all the posts that go along with these photos would have been :)

Stadiums Monday.  Notice Smokey's tail :)

Smokey watching Netflix with me

Stadiums Wednesday

I'm so gangster... riiiiiight
10 miler Thursday

Using a different method to foam roll this morning.  I have a mild case of shin splints :(

10 miler this morning.  Went outside expecting 65 degrees and was pleasantly surprised by the chilly 52 degrees.  It had warmed up to 65 by the end but it was soooo nice.  Love the cooler weather :)
Still drenched by the end...

Any fun plans this weekend?  Usually I am super lame and get really excited about just not working and I sit at home doing nothing.  I'm looking forward to being a real person this weekend! :)

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