Thursday, March 10, 2011


Yeah, so I just remembered that I promised to blog at least 5 times this week.  Oops.

I also promised myself I would run a ton.  Oops.

I had the most fun running I've had in a long time Sunday night.  My brother who is away at college (lives 20 minutes away in a dorm but never comes home to visit) ran 6 miles with me.  He ran cross country in high school and I used to think he was super badass.  Well, he is.  What he is not is a distance runner.  He ran 6 miles fine though.  I think we were running a lot slower than he usually runs but he was really vague and told me "I might run slower than you and I might run faster than you but I'm keeping it a mystery."

I usually run solo and don't me wrong - I love this time to myself.  I love that I can run without headphones or with headphones, that I can slow wayyyy down if I want to or I can run really fast if I want to, that I can take 6 bathroom stops if needed or just run straight through.  All of that said, I really had fun talking the whole way, it really made the 6 miles fly by.  As much as I love running by myself I bet if I had a running partner I would actually accomplish the mileage goals that I set.

Rachel has been away on spring break this week and I miss her like crazy.  My workouts miss her too (ie: I haven't done stadiums at all this week!).  I promised myself I would run a lot instead... but so far I've only gone for one run.  10 miles on Wednesday.  As of now the plan is 10 tomorrow and 10-15 Saturday and if I only run 10 on Saturday then I'll do 4-6 on Sunday. 

Enough of running, I'm sure I am boring all of you to death.

A friend of mine, Alexis, gave me her CSA share for this week.  I got several bunches of all kinds of mystery greens.  At pickup the farmers actually did say all the names but I was at work and sent my Dad to pick them up.  He is not the vegetable eating kind of guy and he probably hasn't even ever heard of any of the vegetables that they gave out.  He was able to tell me "strawberries and spinach" but that left about 6 other items a mystery.  After some google sleuthing I think I have Red Chard, Collard Greens, Romaine Lettuce, Cilantro and Parsley.  Now what the heck to I use all of these in?  I paid $15, I'm getting my moneys worth out of this. 

I found a few recipes that look promising but I've been so hooked on this olive oil pasta that I haven't wanted to make anything else.  Tomorrow is cooking day: it's on!  The race before everything starts going bad...

Alright, well, enough is enough.  Honestly this post was just so that I could get one of 5 out of the way.  I promise tomorrow will be better!

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