Monday, March 28, 2011

Adventures in Tampa

I spent this past weekend in Tampa and I had an absolutely wonderful time

I decided kind of last minute on Wednesday that I wanted to go.  A really good friend of mine was going to be the speaker for my sorority's retreat and I thought I couldn't pass up this chance to hang out with her.

I'm so glad that I went.  Nothing quite compares to spending time with old friends who you don't get the chance to see very often.

This is me and my wonderful friend, Angel :)

On Friday we left Gainesville around 2:30 and arrived in Tampa approximately 2 hours later.  We checked into the hotel and the excitement started immediately.  As we were stepping onto the elevator to go upstairs to our room a familiar face stepped out of the elevator. 

I've never seen a celebrity before up close and personal and I was completely unprepared.  Angel is usually very talkative and not shy at all but she was totally unprepared as well.  We acted like total idiots.  First we looked at eachother and then we turned around and stared at him as he walked toward the coffee.  Then we both started giggling uncontrollably.  You would never know we're both graduated college 20 somethings with real jobs... well, Angel has a real job anyways.  She's a newspaper reporter and interviews people all the time - you'd think she would have been a little bit more "normal" ;).

Angel's sister Autumn saved the day for us.  Autumn is usually shy and quiet but she amazingly walked right up to him and asked him politely if he was an actor.  She then introduced herself to him and they talked for a few minutes.  Larry Miller was in Tampa for a few comedy shows.  He was very down to earth and even said hi to Angel and I who were still being super awkward.

We were staying in a fairly nice hotel but honestly I have no idea why Larry Miller was staying at a Best Western.  It was pretty cool that he was though.

After our awkward encounter I thought about what I might say to him if I happened to see him again.  I'm glad I spent some time figuring everything out because sure enough I saw him again by the coffee Saturday night.  I asked him how it had gone at the comedy club the previous night and he replied "They laughed in my face, can you believe it?" I said something along the lines of how horrible that was and then we discussed how long eachother were staying at the hotel and I wished him a nice stay.  Larry Miller and I are basically best friends now ;).

The second most amazing thing that happened while I was in Tampa:

I am a total nerd but here's the thing, Gainesville is lame and does not have a Whole Foods.  I spotted it from the highway on Friday night and decided that I would have to make a stop there at some point.

Angel, Autumn and I went to Whole Foods on Saturday and I was in heaven.  Oh my gosh, Gainesville, why do you suck? 

I spent way more than I'd like to admit.

The bathroom at whole foods: even their bathroom is super cool and trendy.  There wasn't really a sink, it was just a slab of rock that drained in the back. 

All of my purchases:  In my defense, I was trying to buy stuff that I could eat over the weekend since there weren't really any good food choices offered at the retreat.  Pizza?  Um, no thank you.

Starting in the top left to top right: Millet & yam...thing, quinoa cake, millet and flax crackers, maca powder, sweet cacao nibs, cacao powder

Bottom row, left to right: Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter, carob fudgy brownie, Justin's chocolate almond butter, sundried tomato flax seed crackers, cucumber and avocado multi-grain sushi roll and some organic pure maple syrup

Ingredients: Organic dates, organic almond butter, organic dried coconut, organic walnuts, organic almonds, organic raw carob powder, organic raisins

I also got this from the deli.  Everything was SOOO good.  On the top left is cabbage and silvered almonds.  I don't remember what all was in it other than that.  Flax seeds maybe?  I don't know, they were black looking but they don't look like chia seeds at all to me.  Then there was cranberry cous-cous - oh my gosh, soooooo good.  Beside the cous cous is lentil tabouli salad which was decent.  On the bottom is a big pile of hummus which was delicious.

Here is a shot of the quinoa, yam, millet ball... things.  I forget which is which and which has what in it but they were both so delicious.  I think I'm going to attempt to recreate something similar to them today for lunch.

We took our traditional photos on Saturday night out by the ocean.  It was so gorgeous this time of night
This is me and Rachel (my sister).

Angel, my good friend Kaitlin and me

All of my favorite people from Theta Alpha: Alicia, Angel, Kaitlin, me and my little, Kelly

I have a half spring break this week.  The dance studio is on spring break so no teaching for me.  I'm looking forward to a relaxing but productive week.  Sadly, it looks like it's going to be rainy almost all week.  I was hoping to get ahead on running.  I guess we'll see what happens and if I suck it up and run in the rain anyways or if I just end up being lazy all day. 

Did you do anything fun this weekend?  Have you ever been to Whole Foods?  If so, what's your favorite item to buy at Whole Foods?

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