Friday, March 11, 2011

Crowd Support


If I could bottle up a day and replay it over and over again (weather wise at least...) I would save this day forever.

I had such a great run! 10 miles down in 1:22:20.  I don't record my time consistently.  My watch does but before I switched to the Garmin it was kind of inaccurate.  I would stop at a light or take a bathroom break and there was no way to stop it without completely resetting the workout so I would just try to keep track of how long I stopped and subtract all the stops at the end.

Anyways, the whole point of all that is just to say that I have been recording my times lately and I have three recorded times for 10 miles.  Today's recorded time beat my first recorded time by 10 minutes.  For someone who has only been running for about 10 months this kind of time improvement is really encouraging.  I feel like Boston Qualifying actually is possible at some point. 

The best part of my run?  Okay, it's a close tie between the gorgeous weather and the great "crowd support"
An older man out walking his dog told me I looked "really good out there."  Who knows, maybe he was being creepy.  I thought it was really sweet though. 

Later I caught up to a woman who I see out running a lot.  I scared the pants off of her.  I know exactly how she feels: even when I know a bike is approaching behind me and even if I'm out of the way when they shout "passing on your right" I jump about a foot up in the air and move even further to the left onto the grass.  When she caught up to me at a stop light I apologized again for scaring her and we chatted for a few minutes while we waited for the light to change.  I really enjoyed out short chat and of course what I enjoyed the most was when she told me I had a great pace.  At the back of my head I kept thinking of all the incredible people I know who run WAYYY faster than me but you know what, I'll take it.  :) Day made!

On top of those two comments I got way more honks than usual... and let me tell you I was not lookin hot today.

I had on the most unflattering, unformfitting, unrevealing little outfit that I've probably ever worn before.

That being said, I took every honk as someone telling me I was doing a great job and to keep going.  Wishful thinking I'm sure but whatever it takes.

On the subject of honking and people in cars paying attention to you:
On Sunday when I ran with my brother he said people threw stuff at him all the time.  I'm talking starbucks coffee and eggs.  Yes, EGGS. What the heck?!?

I am SO glad I have not experienced this.  I told him I would probably just stop and cry.  I'm not even kidding.

I'm hoping that because I'm a girl they won't throw anything at me.  Who knows.

And back to honking: seriously, what do you expect me to do?  Run after you and throw my number at you?  I can't even tell if you're a guy or a girl, let alone if you're around my age and attractive.  Even if you are my age and attractive if you're honking at girls running on the side of the road it probably wouldn't work out between us... there are a lot of girls that run along the road.

I wore my new BIC band today

Super cute, didn't slip, matched with my ugly shirt... which does not mean it is ugly

I love it!  I ordered two and they just came in the mail yesterday.  I will definitely be ordering more of these and not just because I am a headband addict.

I've never used sweaty bands but apparently they are similar but cuter and more affordable - plus, a dollar is donated for each BIC band purchased.  Check them out!

I fueled up afterwards with a "green" monster which wasn't really green because I used blueberries.  It does have a bunch of spinach in there though! Promise!

Water, coconut water, apple, blueberries, spinach, hemp milk, lemon juice.

I'm off to babysit for awhile and be super productive today.  I plan to spend most of my day OUTSIDE in this gorgeous weather. 

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