Friday, March 11, 2011

Hello? Florida, is that you?

It's March and the low today was 31 degrees.  This is not the Florida I know.  I am NOT complaining though.  I am excited for what will be a chilly run today but I'm sure by the end it will be feeling glorious!  The craziest part of today?  It started out at 31 but it's supposed to get up to 63.  Florida is crazy crazy.

Last night I got crazy and stayed up til 11 creating a profile on  I'm only half way finished and I'm not sure if I'm going to go through with it.  I started thinking the other day about how I really have no way to meet any potential marriage partners.  I've graduated college and now I spend most of my days with children under the age of 10 (usually they're younger than 5) and when I'm not around kids I'm out running or hanging around the house.  I'm facing the truth: I am destined to be a cat lady.

Sadly, there are slim pickins on  Either that or I am just WAY too picky.  Is it too much to ask for a vegetarian/vegan friendly partner who is a bible reading, God loving man who also has a job and some kind of ambition in life?  Oh, and it would be cool if they liked exercise too.  Hmm... this could be the reason why my search only turned up about 15 guys and they were all losers.  Booooo =/.

This morning I started watching "Food Matters" on Netflix watch instantly.  I really really like this movie.  It makes me think that I should really pursue some sort of career in Nutritional Healing.  I believe this stuff whole heartedly.  Did you know that a handful of cashews have the same therapeutic effect as a dose of Prozac - why is it so hard to believe that God's medicine is more effective at curing diseases than the drugs that we produce?

I was planning on it anyways but the documentary has inspired (more than I was before) a trip to Mother Earth today.  Yeah, my little small town is not cool enough to have Trader Joes or Whole Foods or any of those fun stores.  We have two little dinky Mother Earth stores.  They're okay but they seem a little dingy to me.  They're pretty small too.  I think I could run across the store in 30 seconds.  Maybe 15.

Anyways, I'm off for a nice morning run.  Enjoy your day!  Happy Friday :)

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