Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fitness Blues and The Blue Man Group

I'm so excited because my weeks are finally going to start getting back to normal which means... more time to fit in some amazing workouts.

I get so down when I can't finish what I planned at the beginning of the week to get accomplished.  I write down all my workouts at the start of the week and as I know happens with everyone: things come up.  A lot of days I manage to do most or all of what I planned to get done but some days I just don't at all.  When I wake up at 4:30 or 5 am everyday and I can't go on my run or go do stadiums in the morning but then I don't get home until 9:00 or later (last night it was 1 AM) then there is just no way I'm going to be able to do my run or stadiums for that day. 

The important thing is to not give up and continue forward.

This week I bought several new fitness gadgets/gear.  I bought a nice pair of gloves for lifting weights and for doing pull ups.  My hands have been developing these lovely calluses on them which are not exactly feminine.  Hah, I guess neither are weight lifting and pull ups but that's not the point ;).  I feel really hardcore when I wear them :).  They're pretty fun. 

I also bought some body glide.  I actually don't think I'm going to be using the body glide for awhile.  I haven't had any chaffing problems.  I've been wondering to myself why I haven't had any issues since I've been reading about other runners' problems.  I finally figured out that it's probably because I really have no chest to speak of whatsoever.  I think I'll probably need it some once I get over 13 miles so I thought it was a good investment. 

I went all over town searching for a good hydration belt.  My uncle has run several marathons and always knows what he's talking about so when he told me to invest in one I immediately got on it.  He said that it really helps you to increase your mileage.  I'm so excited to run with my belt and can't wait until it gets here.  I'm hoping that it'll take care of the soreness I'm feeling in my legs the last several miles. 

I also bought a very gently used pair of asics on ebay.  Crossing my fingers that they fit well.  I know it's probably not the best idea to buy shoes on ebay but they're actually not for distance running so I feel like maybe it's not so important that they fit perfectly?  I'm planning to use them for walks and for running stadiums.  The shoes that I currently use for these activities have definitely seen better days so I feel like anything will be an improvement. 

So back to my failed workout attempts =/...
I've been missing my P90X workouts.  I think I'm behind 2 right now.  Well two hour ones.  I also have to do 2 Ab Ripper X.  Does anyone else "catch up" when they miss a workout?  IE:  Do multiple workouts in one day if you have the time?  I do.  I have no idea if this is unhealthy or not a good idea or what but it takes away my guilt.  They're starting to pile up though.  Sunday catch up day all day!  Hah. 

On top of that I missed stadiums on Monday and on Friday.  I can't even remember the reason why I missed Monday but on Friday I STRUGGLED to get myself out of bed and ready to run stadiums and then we got to the stadium and it was closed.  Ughhh such a bummer.  Well, actually, at the time I was relieved.  I was so not in the mood for stadiums.  Now I'm wishing that I had.   Why?  Well...

Saturday is my long run day.  It's pretty much the only day I can get a long run in.  It takes a good 2-2:30 hours including stretching before and after and bathing and icing and all that good stuff.  But... I was out til 1 AM last night and was NOT feeling it when my alarm went off at 4:45 this morning.  So I went back to bed and slept in til 10:30.  Wow I hate sleeping in.  Where is my day?  I think it was good though.  My body needed it. 

I've decided to take a huge risk and go before church tomorrow.  I'm working in the nursery tomorrow which means I have to be there earlier and I will be holding babies/potentially standing the whole 2-3 hours.  I will probably be regretting my run tomorrow.  But I don't even care, I'm doing it.  I'm aiming for 11 miles minimum.  It would be awesome if I was still going strong and could fit in more but probably time wise I would need to cut it off by that time. 

The reason I was out til 1 AM last night... actually would make it okay to have to wait a whole week to fit in a good long run.  I went to see The Blue Man group last night!  It was so incredible!  I don't even think I would have chosen to go of my own accord, I had no idea what to expect, but it was so legit and definitely worth it!  Tickets are usually around $70 but I got to go for $45.  Absolutely hands down one of the best experiences of my life.  I laughed for the majority of the show.  My favorite part (if you've been and know what I'm talking about) was the toilet paper insanity at the end.  CA-RA-ZYYYYY!  But so awesome!

Here's a clip of the toilet paper insanity

Not sure how to insert video.  I'll figure it out for future posts.

Kind of hard to see but this will give you an idea of what happened.  I love the boy "wait, there's more?!?" my thoughts exactly...

Anyways, I'm off to try to catch up on some of those P90X workouts before I go off to babysit for 8 straight hours.  Ughhh sometimes I hate my job.  I get no weekend.  Where's my day off?

Hope you all are having a great weekend :)

Please ignore my crazy hair.  My hair + humidity = crazy hair!

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