Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nannying Dilemmas

It's been raining for what feels like forever but it's really only been since Sunday.  I checked the weather last night and there were thunderstorms predicted for every day this week until Sunday.  I sometimes like rain (like when I'm sleeping or napping) and I know we need it, we've been having a lot of trouble with wildfires because of a drought... but rain messes up all of my plans.

1.  I can't run outside.  Treadmills are boring.
2.  I can't do stadiums outside.  Stair steppers are boring and I sure as heck am not going to be running like I do when I do real steps that aren't moving under your feet.
3.  When I nanny, I like to go outside.  Parks, pools, backyards, walks, etc.  When it rains, we're stuck inside and I reeeeeally don't like to put in any movies while I'm there.  So... more boring.

BUT the sun is out today so I'm guessing those predicted thunderstorms just mean that we're in the summer afternoon thunderstorm routine.  I can deal with that.

Stayed inside all day with this little guy

Who is obviously not very photogenic.  He makes this face every time I pull out the camera. 

This child is the smartest little 18 month old I know.  He can speak in 2-3 word sentences, knows his colors, can count to 5, can poop on the potty and a whole lot of other things 18 month olds shouldn't be able to do. 

I had planned to run early in the morning before work but folded laundry instead.  I ended up at the gym a little before I had to teach ballet class so I ran a few slow miles on the treadmill while watching Ellen.  I've decided that if Ellen is on I can stand the treadmill.  Why can't she be on all the time?

 My feelings about the treadmills at this particular gym...

If I stick to my running plan tomorrow I will have hit an all time monthly running high of 161 miles!!!  Not sure how that happened but I'm excited about my total for the year if I'm able to keep up this kind of mileage this easily.

I was supposed to be nannying today but I was never told a time to arrive and can't get a hold of my employer.  Day off?  I hope so!

I need some advice.  I've been watching this family's kids for about 5-6 years so we have a very sort of casual working relationship.  I think it's so casual that I sometimes get taken advantage of, which I actually don't mind too much cause I love them to death.  Anyways, sort of beside the point.  Every week I watch the kids for about 3-4 hours.  We have a specific day set aside that is "their day" - we usually do similar times each week but the time does change a little bit from week to week (usually starts around 9-10).  My employer texts me sometime prior to our pre-arranged day to tell me what time to come.  However, a lot of the time she doesn't send a text until late the night before.  Recently she  has been forgetting to send a text at all.  What should the protocol be?   I usually send her a text asking her what time I should be there.  This week her cell phone is broken so I can't text so I called her around 9 asking if we were on for today.  It's 10, she hasn't called back so I'm assuming I have a day off?

I guess I'm just wondering if it's okay for me to assume I'm not working when I haven't received a text from her or if I should bend over backwards to make sure I get some kind of confirmation from her (ie: calling/texting/fb messaging).  On the one hand I don't feel like it's my responsibility to find out what time she needs me and that if she doesn't tell me a time then I shouldn't have to show up... but then I worry that she's expecting me and forgot she didn't give me a time and that she will be upset that I didn't ask what time I should come if I didn't know a time. 

Anyways, if you're a mom or just have an opinion on the subject I'd love to hear it.

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