Monday, May 21, 2012

It's Monday!

Today's Workout:  Stadiums followed by 1 hour Circuit Training class

This week I get to hang out with these guys.  

They follow me all over the house.  

 Once again, I'd like to point out my stellar camera skills

I think they're trying to tell me something but I can't figure out what it is.  Probably that they want more food... which I can't give them.  I feel bad for animals, how would we feel if we could only eat one scoop of food in the morning and in the evening? 

House sitting/pet sitting is probably one of the easiest jobs around.  You basically do your normal routine while living at someone else's house and then get paid for it.  But for some reason I don't enjoy it?  I have a hard time sticking to my normal routine.  It's like suddenly I'm on vacation and just want to sleep.  Hm, I wonder if this says something about my bed at home.  Like, it's not a very comfortable bed so it's easy for me to get up in the morning?

It doesn't help that my house is just 10 minutes away.  I end up being super lazy and not packing anything except for enough clothes for overnight and the next day and then stop in at my house everyday to exchange clothes, pick up anything new I need, drop off the stuff I'm done with.

So, every Sunday I get kind of dressed up for church.  As in, during my normal everyday life of babysitting and teaching dance I basically don't wear real clothes, so on Sunday I try to dress up in real people clothes.  Since this is such a big event for me I started taking pictures of myself every week.  The idea was that, if I was in a rush and wasn't feeling creative enough to pull together an outfit from scratch then I could just look at all the pictures of all of the previous Sunday outfits and then just re-wear an already assembled outfit. 

Lucky you, since I have these pictures of myself looking like a real person, I'm going to post them on here.  If for no other reason than to balance out the massive amount of sweaty post workout pictures I post of myself with no make up on.

Happy Monday - make it great! :)

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