Monday, October 4, 2010

Busy Mondays

Happy Monday!

You know, I've really dreaded Mondays but now I work on weekends and weekdays alike so it's all the same to me.  I just like starting fresh and having the whole week ahead of me. 

That being said, today was a busy day and I'm not a huge fan of busy days. 

I started off running stadiums with Rachel (my sister).  I texted her on the way to pick her up and said "so pretty outside.  It's 55 outside though so be prepared.  Hah, just to be clear I texted while stopped at a light.  No texting and driving ;).  I was wearing my nike drifit running capris and a sweatshirt but when I showed up at Rachel's apartment she came out in shorts and a t-shirt and then asked me why I didn't warn her about the overnight temperature drop.  It really was so pretty outside.  I'm probably crazy but I just love working out outside with the moon and stars out.  Gorgeous.

And want to hear something horrible?  Hah, I can't believe I'm about to admit this...
Sooo I naturally have pretty dry hair.  Before I was running almost everyday I would probably wash my hair about twice a week.  Maybe 3 times.  Now I'm washing my hair everyday and I know it's really not good for my hair but what can you do when you're sweating like crazy everyday?  Well anyways, today my head wasn't sweaty at all so I didn't wash my hair today.  And the most awful part... I'm hoping that this means I can cut down on washing my hair a lot.  Maybe back to 3 times?  I know, gross.  No one gets close enough to smell my head anyways.  I think? 

I got to play with my sister's puppy :) :) :)  (although this was taken on Saturday before that awful game...)

Please ignore my awkward smile and double chin.  I need to remember not to wear my retainer for pictures.  I just can't smile properly at all.

I spent the rest of the day working.

By working I mean:

Yes, I babysit
I am the most awesome babysitter in the entire world
And this is the sweetest little girl I know
Checkout Elmo, Cookie Monster and Bigbird stuffed in her pockets ;)

And also this:

Aren't they just the cutest?  Last week I promised I would bring a camera and take pictures of them because they're looking so good.  Well I forgot =/.  So I took pictures with my horrible camera phone.

Teaching three dance classes back to back and I am DONE. 

Now I'm home.  I've had dinner and now I'm debating an hour and a half of yoga or bed.  That first 45 minutes is horrible and mentally I just don't feel up to it.  My bed is calling to me... probably because I'm in it ;)

Do you dread Mondays?  Hope you rocked your workouts today! :)

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