Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Always Busy

Is it just me or is every week busy?  I always think to myself: "This week is really busy but it's just this week.  Next week won't be anywhere near as crazy as this week" And then, surprise surprise... busy again!

Because things always seem to come up, I've been very appreciative that I make working out a priority.  Especially now that I'm training for a half marathon and marathon, it's so important to continue training and missing a day every once in a long while is okay but it definitely can't become a habit. 

Now I say all that to say that I've been missing days.  Several days.  I've been getting in all of my running but P90X is suffering a little.  I've kind of pushed those workouts to the back burner.  They're still important but not essential. 

I have some very exciting news to share with you!  Well... I'm excited about it anyways ;).  Saturday I ran 15 miles!!!!  Absolutely ecstatic about this news.  I'd say it was probably one of my easiest long runs too.  I ran the 15 miles in 2 hours and 30 minutes.  This is really exciting to me because this means that I may be able to run my half marathon in less than 2 and a half hours and then I could run the marathon in the first wave!  This is so exciting to me! 

As a marathon rookie it's recommended that you not make a time goal.  Your only goal should be to cross the finish line still moving :).  The main reason for this goal is to prevent injuries.  Running too far too soon or too fast when you haven't trained for long enough can quickly lead to injuries.  Now, obviously I'm not looking to get injured but if that's the pace that I run at naturally then why not try to run the marathon in under 5 hours?

My other news is that I've started to incorporate speed training into my runs.  Now this is exactly what is not recommended for beginning runners.  I've only done two of these and I only plan to keep them for the days when I'm running 3 miles so I feel like this is safe?  I don't know, I'm no expert, I'm just doing what feels good.  Last week I ran 3 miles in 24:42.  This week I ran 3 miles in 22:30!!!  That's a 7:30 mile pace!!  I think this is a great accomplishment!  I sure hope it's not a recipe for injury because it's exhilarating to actually be able to run quickly and feel the wind in your hair.

And now for some fun:

Sunday night my sister found out who her Big Sister is!  I went along to see the action.
Rachel joined the same sorority as I was in during college.  I was in Theta Alpha, one of the first christian sororities.  Since it's fairly new, Rachel was the first legacy!  So exciting! 

To find out who their big sister is the girls have to go around to different stations and perform a task.  Once they perform the task they will receive a puzzle piece.  Once they receive all of their puzzle pieces they then will read the clue on the completed puzzle.  The clue will lead them to an object attached to a string that is attached to their big... they just have to untangle a huge mess to find the person on the other end ;)

This is from the first station.  DANCE PARTY!!!

Rachel is the girl in the middle playing air guitar :) :) :).  Yeah, my sister is awesome.
The girl on the left is my sister's Big Sister, patiently awaiting her arrival
After much ducking and climbing and unwinding...

Rachel found her Big!

Now she's in my natural family and my Theta Alpha family!  Yay snowflake family! :)
She's my Great Great Great Grandlittle :)

Ah!  My family is getting so big!  I've now been dubbed "matriarch"
This is me with all my babies :)

Keep checking back for more running updates!  Hope you all have a wonderful and hopefully not insanely crazy Tuesday!

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