Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Bug Run

I remember now why I don’t like running in the evening. In the summertime there are these gnat clouds… I have no idea what they’re doing but they all swarm around. Since they’re so small it’s hard to see the cloud of gnats until you’re already in it. When you’re sweaty and moving fast (or slowly?) they stick to you like you’re one of those sticky flea traps.
Rachel and I went for a run last night and by the time we got back we were pretty much covered in gnats. They were all over but face and neck were the worst spots. Ugh, so gross. Just writing about it makes me itchy.

I’m looking forward to today. I have no concrete plans until later this evening and I have the whole day free. I’m not great at actually doing the things I’d like to do on my days off but I’m really hoping I can be non-lazy today and use all of my free time to do something productive. My dirty room and car would really like some attention. 

So far so good. Stadiums even though Rachel couldn’t come – lame but I’m proud of myself for going even without my workout buddy. Stretching and quick shower followed by my go to breakfast: oatmeal with chia seeds and ground flax seeds. Today I threw in some sliced almonds and dried currents too. I usually prefer the oatmeal with just the chia and flax but sometimes I get crazy and throw in other ingredients as well.

After breakfast I did P90X shoulders and arms and now I’m icing my shins and having a cup of coffee.

I promised everyone (including myself) that I would take it somewhat easy after my injury. I definitely don’t want to reinjure myself. That would suck. I’m being careful to stretch and warm up properly as well as stretch and cool down afterwards. I’m still getting shin splints though and I haven’t upped my mileage very much at all. I think shin splints are pretty normal for starting to exercise again though. I don’t know, do you back off as soon as you get shin splints or continue to stretch your calves and warm up your shins before exercising? I know shin splints can lead to stress fractures but I just feel like if I back off I’ll just get them again when I start exercising again.

After I get a few more chores done around the house I’m going to head to target for a shopping spree. I saw they had some really cute swimsuits for a pretty good deal. Not that Target bathing suits ever look good on me or that I need any more swimsuits… but I’m going anyways.

The computer I’m using currently doesn’t have any place to easily upload photos so I’ve been slacking on the self portraits but I’ll figure out a way to make those happen, cause I know that’s the real reason you’re all here ;)

…oh wait, it’s just me that likes taking pictures of myself

In the meantime: a couple random pictures from vacation

"Look Mom, no hands!"
Yes, I did legit carry the chair on my head all the way from our beach house to the shore

Me and my hot mama after my cousins wedding. Isn't she gorgeous? :) 

Any fun plans for today?

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